In this case study, we will analyze how XCALLY, with the support of its partner, successfully implemented an omnichannel solution for a well-known hospitality company in Canada and the USA. By leveraging the ease of integration with external systems and scalability, XCALLY has managed to create an efficient and customized project.

Who is the client

Our partner MTS had received a request from the client Rodd Hotels & Resorts, a leading hospitality company, with multiple locations on Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. Due to a server failure, the client faced the challenge of lost analytics and reporting capabilities.
They were seeking a solution that could provide better reports and flexibility to customize them according to their specific requirements. Mr. Giuliano Generali, the Central Reservation Supervisor & FIT Specialist at Rodd Hotels & Resorts, took the initiative to find a suitable solution.

Customer Needs and Requests

The client had specific needs:

  • Central Reservation Supervisor role with multiple locations.
  • Integration with the existing phone system, NEC SV9100, which included NEC DT-300 phones.
  • Seamless integration with the booking and email systems.
  • Detailed call center analytics and reporting, including call volume, agent performance, waiting times, and more.
  • A comprehensive solution with a fixed cost.

Solution Provided by XCALLY

After evaluating various options, Rodd Hotels & Resorts chose XCALLY as their preferred solution provider. XCALLY offered its Xcally PLUS package, which perfectly met the client's requirements.
The implementation schedule was set to be as soon as possible to minimize disruptions to their operations.

Key features of Xcally PLUS Package

  • Agents: Up to 5 concurrent agents.
  • Supervisor: 1 dedicated supervisor role.
  • Call recording: Basic 30-day call recording functionality.
  • Integrations:
    - PBX: Seamless integration with the existing NEC SV9100 phone system.
    - Booking System: Integration with the client's booking system for streamlined operations.
    - Email System: Integration with the email system for efficient communication.



Achieved results

Thanks to the implementation of the XCALLY system, a series of improvements have been achieved in system management:

  • Enhanced Analytics: XCALLY provided Rodd Hotels & Resorts with detailed call center analytics, allowing them to track and measure key performance indicators such as call volume, agent performance, and customer waiting times. This data empowered them to make informed decisions to improve their operations and customer service.
  • Customized Reports: XCALLY's flexible reporting capabilities allowed Rodd Hotels & Resorts to create customized reports tailored to their specific requirements, giving them deeper insights into their call center performance.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: XCALLY provided a fixed cost for the Xcally PLUS package, ensuring transparency and predictability for Rodd Hotels & Resorts' budgeting and financial planning.
  • Seamless Integration: XCALLY seamlessly integrated with the existing NEC SV9100 phone system, the booking system, and the email system, streamlining operations and improving overall efficiency.

I am very happy about the system, I am starting to use the reporting and I love that is fully customizable. The transition from my old physical phone system to this one is staggering. I am now fully able to check what is happening and how the calls are going. I have to say that you did meet my expectations and I am very happy about the support I have from your team. I will continue to work to you to make the system more customized to CRO needs.

Giuliano Generali



By implementing XCALLY's Xcally PLUS package, Rodd Hotels & Resorts successfully addressed their challenges of lost analytics and reporting capabilities. The comprehensive solution provided them with enhanced call center analytics, customized reports, and seamless integration with their existing systems, leading to improved operational efficiency and better customer service. XCALLY's cost-effective and flexible solution proved to be the perfect fit for Rodd Hotels & Resorts' requirements, enabling them to continue delivering exceptional hospitality experiences to their guests.