Workforce Management software for efficient planning

XCALLY has developed human resources management software to help companies plan, manage and track employee work. This solution offers a wide range of functionalities that enable contact centres to reduce their efforts in managing their employees, while at the same time improving service centre productivity.


Functionality provided in Workforce Management software

Forecast: Labour Forecast

One of the powerful features of XCALLY's WFM software is the ability to make accurate predictions about future work. Using historical data and optimisation algorithms, companies can accurately determine the number of employees needed at certain times and days, based on the volume of incoming calls. The Forecast function gives companies a detailed view of the demand for personnel, enabling more accurate and optimised planning.

Schedule: Automated Scheduling

XCALLY's WFM simplifies the complex and tedious task of scheduling work schedules. Thanks to its Schedule functionality, the software automates and optimises the process of assigning shifts to employees. This reduces the impact on time and resources, as well as ensuring fair and efficient scheduling. In addition, it takes into account agent skills, employee requests, holidays and absences, minimising over- and under-scheduling of staff.

Optimise: Planning Optimisation

With the Optimise function, companies can further improve their scheduling. XCALLY Workforce Management uses advanced optimisation algorithms to create optimal work shifts, maximising productivity and reducing wasted resources. The goal is to create a roster of shifts that meets the company's needs effectively and efficiently.

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