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Enhance your customers' customer journey with chat integrated into the XCALLY suite.


How to increase efficiency

Chat interactions are generally faster than phone calls or e-mail messages, and the use of intelligent tools such as Predefined Answers - really useful ready-made phrases for frequently asked questions or to provide company contact details, in case you need to switch to e-mail or phone to handle a complex issue - help agents to reduce response times.

Chatbots and snippets for an excellent customer journey

Agents, thanks to XCALLY, can handle multiple chats simultaneously! This improves their productivity, compared to agents handling calls in a queue.
In case your agents are not available 24/7 or are all busy, the web chat snippet can become a customisable contact form to collect messages. You can also configure a chatbot service to provide basic information and then direct the chat to an operator when the conversation is too complex.

Get customer feedback

At the end of the interaction, the customer is invited to comment on the chat. He/she may also add a textual comment. Supervisors can analyse the feedback, together with the chat transcript, in order to improve agent interactions through this powerful channel.

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