XCALLY Motion, the omnichannel solution for contact centres

Why is Omnichannelality one of the most interesting features of XCALLY?
The key to effective customer service is to focus on interactions with your customers. To get to know them best and offer high-quality customer service, it is important to let them interact with you through their preferred channels!


One platform infinite interactions

Voice, e-mail, web chat, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, it seems as if today there are far too many customer contact points and it takes a lot of resources and time to manage them all.

No problem!

You can manage all customer interactions and track the customer journey on a single system, using XCALLY, the powerful omnichannel contact centre solution and the Open Channel API!

Open Channel, flexibility for every need

In addition to the XCALLY modules already available - Voice, Web Chat, E-mail, FAX, SMS - you can add as many channels as you need in just a few steps, thanks to the versatile Open Channel tool, which gives you the possibility to build and load plugins into XCALLY.
Your agents can easily manage all interactions, from multiple channels, within a single Omnichannel Desktop interface.

Contact manager, the CRM for customer management

Agents can access the Contact manager's Assigned Lists, a lightweight CRM useful for effectively managing customer interactions.
You can easily retrieve contact information, keep track of activities and quickly call or start a dynamic script, e.g. to monitor customer satisfaction.
All interactions with your customers are stored in one place and can be filtered by tag, status, account, date, agent.

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