Manage your customer relationships effectively with XCALLY CRM

The XCALLY CRM is an essential tool that allows you to effectively manage interactions with your contacts. You can easily retrieve customer information and keep track of customer-related activities.


Contact management

With the XCALLY CRM you can keep all your contact information up-to-date. You will have quick access to customer details such as name, address, phone number and more.

Contact lists

Organise your contacts into customised lists for more efficient management. You can create groups of contacts according to specific criteria and send targeted communications.


Keep track of interactions with the companies you work with. You can associate contacts with the respective companies for a complete overview of business relations.

Global customised fields

Customise your CRM by adding custom fields to collect specific information about your contacts. You can create customised fields such as 'date of birth' or 'contact preferences' to get a complete overview of your customers.

The advantages of using XCALLY CRM

Choose XCALLY CRM for effective and efficient customer relationship management. Optimise your activities, offer a personalised experience and maintain control of your business relationships thanks to full integration with the other functionalities of our system, allowing you to manage all customer interactions in a single environment. Find out how to transform your customer relationship management.

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