Discover XCALLY's Video Collaboration and zero distance to your customers

The video channel in XCALLY's omnichannel suite is a state-of-the-art solution that enables companies to offer an interactive, engaging and personalised video experience with their customers.


Make workflows more efficient

The XCALLY video channel offers advanced automation capabilities that allow you to automate certain actions during video interactions. Automated workflows can be configured to handle certain repetitive or standardised tasks, such as sending follow-up messages or creating support tickets. Automation helps to improve operational efficiency and provide fast and consistent service to customers.

Record video interactions to improve quality

The video channel recording function allows video interactions between agents and customers to be recorded. This is extremely useful for training, quality monitoring and dispute resolution purposes. Recorded videos can be quickly and easily archived and retrieved for future analysis or staff training. Recording helps maintain an accurate record of video conversations and ensure regulatory compliance.

Simplifies video communication

The screen sharing function allows agents to share their screen with customers during video interactions. This capability is particularly useful for providing technical support or demonstrating the use of an application or product. Agents can instantly show customers relevant information on their screen, simplifying communication and improving mutual understanding.

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