Customer service as it was known until recently is changing at increasing speeds, with the use of increasingly sophisticated technological supports and also through the use of artificial intelligence.
In an ever-changing environment, the concept of "omnichanneling" has gained more and more importance, and companies are realizing how strategic it is to offer a seamless, fluid experience across all available channels.

In such a scenario, the use of omnichannel call center software, such as XCALLY, can make a real difference.

What is an omnichannel call center software

An omnichannel call center software is designed to integrate and manage customer interaction across multiple communication channels, such as phone, chat, e-mail, social media, and more.

Unifying customer interactions for a seamless experience

This approach enables companies to offer a unified customer experience, regardless of the channel used to contact them. XCALLYis a comprehensive omnichannel call center software that enables companies to effectively manage all customer interactions, regardless of the touch point chosen.

Benefits of using omnichannel software for customer service

  • The use of software such as XCALLY offers many benefits to companies. First of all, it enables the delivery of consistent, high-quality customer service across all channels, improving the overall customer experience.
  • In addition, omnichannel software enables greater operational efficiency, as customer information and interactions are centralized and can be easily accessed by all call center operators.
  • This leads to faster and more accurate response to customer requests.
  • Finally, omnichannel call center software can help companies to monitor and analyze customer interactions across different channels, providing valuable information to improve customer service strategies and business decisions.

Features of XCALLY

XCALLY is distinguished by a number of features that make it a high-level omnichannel software.

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface that enables call center operators to quickly and effortlessly manage all customer interactions.
  • Full integration with major communication channels, enabling companies to manage phone calls, chat, e-mail, social media and more from a single platform.
  • The software also supports call queue management, intelligent interaction routing and process automation, further improving call center efficiency.

Implementation of XCALLY

The implementation of XCALLY is simple and flexible. The software can be easily customized to fit each company's specific needs, allowing custom workflows and interaction routing rules to be configured. In addition, XCALLY offers the ability to integrate with other business solutions, such as CRM and ticketing software, for even more comprehensive management of customer interactions. XCALLY's scalability enables companies to expand and grow seamlessly, adapting to changing business needs.

Choose XCALLY for an omnichannel customer experience

An omnichannel call center software such as XCALLY provides a comprehensive solution for managing customer interactions across multiple communication channels. By providing a seamless, high-quality experience, XCALLY helps companies improve customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and business decisions. With its intuitive interface, advanced features, and deployment flexibility, XCALLY is positioned as a leader in omnichannel call center software. Whether you are asmall business looking to improve customer service or a larger company in need of a scalable solution, XCALLY can meet your needs.