Why is this partnership great news for the customer Experience?

We find together XCALLY, an innovative omnichannel automation platform for Customer Care, and Key IVR, a company that offers automated payment services globally.

On one hand, we have a suite that allows customers to interact seamlessly via inbound/outbound voice, chat, email, SMS, MMS, video, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Open API, all managed from a unified single interface.

On the other hand, we have a company that is committed to delivering a range of payment channels that can help you meet your customers’ expectations.

Why this partnership offers strong benefits?

The partnership between the two companies has undoubtedly resulted in the development of an innovative, easy-to-use communication system that leverages the latest technologies. By integrating their respective platforms, customer service becomes highly responsive, empowering operators to efficiently handle user requests with greater speed and efficiency.

What does this integration consist of?

The integration between XCALLY and Key IVR has enabled omnichannel support for handling incoming customer requests, simplifying the payment process while maintaining the security of shared data and creating an efficient and automated system. Incoming data on the XCALLY Motion suite is transferred to the Key IVR systems, which securely manages the customer payment process.

What are the advantages:

Both companies can benefit from this partnership: on one hand, XCALLY can rely on a completely reliable, secure, and automated payment system, while on the other hand, Key IVR uses the XCALLY suite to manage its users' requests regardless of the communication method used, whether it's over the phone, chat, SMS, social media, all in one interface for operators.

Who is XCALLY?

XCALLY is an omnichannel platform belonging to the Ingo Group. Ingo is an Italian company that offers digital consultancy, services and technologies dedicated to innovative customer operations.  awarded as one of the best solutions for Call Center, Auto Dialer, and Telephony,

XCALLY is distributed all over the world through a network of 100+ of certified system integrator partners. XCALLY has recently been rated as the best contact center solution, awarded as the best Dialer in terms of usability and customer satisfaction, in "Front Runner", ranked first in the "GetAPP" category in terms of functionality and value for money and included in “Capterra” as Emerging Preferred Autodial Product.

Mercedes Barbuti, Head of Sales XCALLY

XCALLY has quickly found an ideal partner in Key IVR: their payment solution, secure, GDPR compliant, and user-friendly, perfectly matches our vision of customer care and customer journey. Additionally, we are positively impressed by their proactive attitude and passion. Engaging with a partner who possesses these skills is a major asset, particularly when working on key projects. We are definitely excited to discover what this partnership will bring us in the future.

Who is Key IVR?

Key IVR is a company offering automated payment services in the UK and internationally through Europe and into the United States.
A customer-service focused organisation that takes care to manage and meet client’s expectations.
Available in 14 languages across 11 currencies, their solutions are recommended by the Chartered Institute of Credit Management, worldwide payment gateways and PCI-DSS QSAs.
The company is also registered with Visa Europe as a QSA assessed service and adheres to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Mark Kelly, Chief Commercial Officer

We’re delighted to be partnering with XCALLY, working in unity to provide fine-tuned contact centre and communication software that improves the customer experience for businesses around the world. There’s already a lot of exciting things planned for the partnership and we’re eager to see what the future holds.