Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

Choose XCALLY's technology solutions to gain in-depth analysis of your contact centre's performance and data. With XCALLY's Realtime & Analytics, you have complete control over your operations and can make informed decisions to improve the efficiency of your service centre and create an optimised customer journey for your customers.


Real-time monitoring

View key metrics, monitor ongoing calls, check agent availability and more, all in real time. Stay one step ahead to ensure high quality service to your customers.

Customised reporting

XCALLY gives you the flexibility to create customised reports according to your business needs. Select the metrics essential to you and generate detailed, intuitive reports with the Query builder. Analyses trends, identifies areas for improvement and measures the success of your strategies. Our customised reporting gives you a comprehensive overview of your contact centre performance.

In-depth data analysis

Deepen your understanding of your contact centre's performance with XCALLY's analysis capabilities. Leverage the data collected to gain meaningful insights into agent activity, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Identify critical areas and implement targeted improvements to optimise the overall experience.

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