Omnichannel is now an essential element in providing quality customer care. Today's customers expect to interact with companies through their preferred communication channels without interruptions or difficulties. To meet this need, XCALLY has developed an innovative solution: Open channel.

What is Open channel?

Openchannel is a feature of XCALLY Motion, XCALLY's omnichannel platform, which allows you to easily integrate any customer-preferred communication channel within the same interface. Whether it's email, chat, social networks, or even instant messaging channels like WhatsApp or Telegram, Openchannel enables you to manage all interactions in a simple and intuitive way.

How does Openchannel work?

With Openchannel, agents can receive and send messages through various channels directly from the XCALLY interface. The integration process is extremely simple: just configure the response and reception URLs for each channel, and you're done. XCALLY takes care of everything else, allowing agents to focus solely on customer satisfaction.

The benefits of Openchannel for customer care

The adoption of Openchannel brings numerous benefits to a company's customer service. First and foremost, it allows for a seamless and consistent interaction experience for users, regardless of the channel used. This translates into increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, thanks to the centralized management of all channels, agents can work more efficiently, with a complete view of conversations and customer information.

Improving agent productivity

Openchannel enables agents to be more productive, thanks to the intuitive and unified interface of XCALLY Motion. They can quickly respond to customers, regardless of the channel used, without having to switch between platforms. This positively reflects on the quality of service provided and overall customer satisfaction.

Providing a personalized omnichannel experience

With Openchannel, XCALLY allows you to create a truly personalized omnichannel experience for your customers. Agents can access all conversation information and context, enabling them to provide tailored customer care for each individual's needs.



How XCALLY utilizes Openchannel

XCALLY integrates Openchannel within its omnichannel suite, XCALLY Motion, enabling easy and centralized management of customer interactions through preferred channels. With this feature, agents can respond to customer messages on any channel directly from the XCALLY Motion interface, without having to switch between platforms.

Benefits of using XCALLY for customer service

Adopting XCALLY with its Openchannel feature brings numerous advantages to your company's customer service. In addition to offering a seamless and personalized omnichannel experience for your customers, XCALLY allows you to increase the efficiency and productivity of agents through its intuitive and unified interface. This results in an improved quality of service provided and overall customer satisfaction.

Discover how XCALLY can help your company revolutionize the omnichannel customer experience.