The customer is one of the leading Italian retailers of consumer electronics, with over 500 stores distributed throughout the country. They offer a wide range of products, including smartphones, computers, televisions, appliances, and more. In addition to physical stores, the company also operates an e-commerce platform that allows customers to purchase products online.

Customer Needs and Requests

Our partner, INGO, had received input from a long-standing customer to find a solution that would optimize product tracking for their e-commerce and expedite the process by implementing an omnichannel system.
With a structured logistics network encompassing numerous warehouses distributed across their retail locations, the company needed to manage repetitive requests that could be automated to improve efficiency. These requests included information on product availability, shipping times, return procedures, order modification or cancellation, and details related to customer loyalty points.

Solution Provided by XCALLY

After analyzing the customer's needs, it was decided to implement an omnichannel solution within the customer's system. Twenty active servers were installed to ensure operational continuity of the customer care service.
The XCALLY suite was integrated with the customer's operating systems, including Salesforce for CRM, SAP Hybris for ERP, and MuleSoft, utilizing phone and email communication channels.

Customized IVR

A customized Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and Call Me Back service were configured to handle queued calls. The developed IVR allows for automatic call routing to a self-service mode with guided voice responses or to specialized operators. Different IVR flows were designed for online orders, in-store purchases, loyalty program information, and purchase support.

Human touch

The project also includes human intervention when necessary. Tickets automatically opened by XCALLY with Salesforce are subsequently assigned to specialized agents.
The operators find pre-filled tickets with customer information and order numbers, requiring only the completion of caller requests.


Key Features of XCALLY's Solution quests.

In summary, the solution implemented by XCALLY for the customer included several key components:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): an automated system to efficiently route calls and provide automated voice responses or direct them to specialized operators.
  • Communication Channels: integration of phone and email channels to ensure omnichannel management.
  • Integrations: connection of the customer's application systems, such as Salesforce for CRM, SAP Hybris for ERP, and MuleSoft, with the XCALLY suite to enable a consistent flow of information.
  • Customization: creation of a customized IVR to meet the customer's specific needs.
  • Ticketing Support: automatic ticket opening with relevant customer information, simplifying the work of operators.

Achieved results

The solution provided by XCALLY has produced significant results for the customer:

  • Efficient Management: Currently, 15% of calls are handled through self-service, while 85% are assigned to specialized operators with automatic ticket opening, reflecting the customer's preference for a human approach to customers.
  • Operational Continuity: The installation of 20 active servers ensures continuous availability of the customer care service.
  • Monitoring and Analysis: The customized dashboard provides the customer with a comprehensive overview of collected data, shared daily for customer experience analysis and to improve the customer journey based on needs.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrations of the customer's application systems with the XCALLY suite have enabled a consistent flow of information across different platforms.
  • Process Optimization: The automation provided by the IVR has accelerated product tracking and improved overall process efficiency.


This case study demonstrates how the implementation of XCALLY's omnichannel solution has helped the customer optimize customer care management in the consumer electronics e-commerce sector. The integration of communication channels, automation through IVR, and integrations with application systems have led to increased operational efficiency, enhanced customer experience, and faster and more accurate handling of customer requests.