omnichannel customer journey

Workforce management and customer experience: the importance of strategic human resources management for service excellence
September 5
Within an increasingly competitive world, customer service excellence has become a key differentiating element. At the heart of high-quality customer service is a well-managed and motivated human resources team. This is where the workforce management. Why […]
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How can an effective omnichannel customer journey be created?
July 17
As the world transforms and becomes increasingly connected and digitalized, it becomes crucial for companies to provide a seamless and continuous experience to their customers. To do this, the choice of many companies is to rely […]
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Why adopting Omnichannel Contact Center Software is essential to making your customers 100% satisfied.
June 23
The world of communication between companies and customers is constantly evolving. Today, it is no longer enough to offer quality customer service through one channel: it is necessary to be present and responsive on all communication […]
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Revolutionizing online experiences with a Recommendation System
May 29
As the digital world continues to expand, the need for personalized experiences becomes increasingly important. Recommendation systems, have emerged as a powerful tool for providing users with tailored suggestions based on their preferences, habits and interests. […]
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Data Retention: The New XCALLY Add-On
April 18
Data management is a crucial aspect for any business, as accurate cataloging and retention of information is essential for smooth operations. It is important to ensure data is stored securely and backed up effectively to avoid […]
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Availability app: the new XCALLY add-on
March 28
The availability of a 24/7 phone service has become a necessity for many companies that aim to provide high-quality customer service, especially for customer service-related services. What is 24/7 availability and why is it important for […]
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