WhatsApp represents a powerful tool for implementing an omnichannel strategy, offering numerous benefits for companies. Its wide distribution and ease of use make it a favorite communication channel for consumers. With WhatsApp, it is possible to send messages, answer questions, provide assistance, and even conduct transactions, all within a single platform. This integration helps create a smooth and consistent experience for customers, improving customer satisfaction and retention.

XCALLY has integrated Whatsapp Connector into the omnichannel suite, precisely to take full advantage of the messaging platform's capabilities within an omnichannel strategy.

What is WhatsApp Connector for XCALLY

WhatsApp Connector is the add-on that integrates the popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp with the contact center system XCALLY. This allows all customer interactions that have occurred via WhatsApp to be managed directly from XCALLY.
Thanks to Meta Connector, which also allows you to create outbound campaigns through specific Meta-approved templates, it is now possible to control not only inbound but also outbound interactions directly from XCALLY, taking advantage of all the platform's features in a fully integrated way.

A New Level of Customer Service with XCALLY WhatsApp Connector

The new mode, which has been available since early November, allows users to manage not only inbound interactions but also create outbound campaigns via the world's most popular instant messaging app.

What are the main functions of WhatApp Connector?

Creating and sharing templates

You can create and share standard templates of Meta-approved WhatsApp messages to be sent automatically at certain steps of the customer journey.

Integrated Management of Inbound and Outbound Interactions

Thanks to the XCALLY integration with Whatsapp, agents can respond to requests received on the instant messaging channel and proactively manage outbound communication campaigns to customers, directly from the platform XCALLY.
Whether it is support requests, questions, or problems to be solved, the connector enables you to provide one-on-one assistance quickly and efficiently. In addition, you can share useful documents and contacts, send notifications and order confirmation messages, and keep your customers constantly updated on promotions and news.

Personalized Technical Support and Immediate Responses

XCALLY's WhatsApp connector allows you to offer personalized technical support to your customers. Your agents can answer questions in real time, solve problems and provide immediate assistance. Through this direct connection, your customers will feel heard and supported, enhancing their overall experience with your brand.

Workflow Optimization with Chatbots

XCALLY WhatsApp Connector gives you the ability to streamline your workflow using chatbots. You can create and manage meta-templates directly from the XCALLY platform, enabling your agents to respond quickly and effectively to common requests. Automated chatbots can support your agents, enabling them to handle different types of interactions simultaneously, improving the overall efficiency of your team.



The opportunities that can be developed

Integrating WhatsApp on your customer service platform can provide new business opportunities. Agents can build customer loyalty by reaching them on their preferred channel and increase quality and productivity through omnichannel support.

Reach customers on their preferred channel

By integrating WhatsApp, it is possible to intercept customers now accustomed to communicating primarily via instant messaging.

Fast and multi-tasking customer support

Agents can facilitate access to support from mobile and respond to multiple requests simultaneously, increasing productivity and service quality.

Customer journey tracking in a single platform

XCALLY allows you to keep track of all interactions that have occurred on WhatsApp within the customer engagement process, providing a complete view of the user journey. Agents can consult past contact history and provide personalized and consistent assistance through the omnichannel customer journey.

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