In today's digital world, companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve the customer service experience. Opening a communication channel via WhatsApp can be a strategic move for contact centers that wish to offer quality, state-of-the-art customer service. Through the use of an omnichannel software, it becomes possible to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by WhatsApp.

Why take advantage of WhatsApp Integration?

The use of WhatsApp as a means of communication through omnichannel software represents a strategic opportunity for contact centers. Offering customers immediate and familiar interaction in ways, through the messaging app, improves the overall experience of its users, increases operational efficiency, and therefore results in personalized and high-quality service.

What are the real benefits of WhatsApp integration?

Choosing omnichannel software that integrates WhatsApp as a contact channel is a key choice to stay in step with customer expectations and stand out from the competition in today's contact center landscape, but what are the real possibilities and the benefits That can result for customer care?

Wide range and ease of use

WhatsApp has more than 2 billion monthly active users worldwide. Due to its wide reach, opening a WhatsApp channel offers a unique opportunity to reach a large audience of potential customers. In addition, most people are already familiar with using WhatsApp, so it does not require a significant learning curve for customers or contact center operators.

Real-time conversations

WhatsApp offers instant and direct communication in real time, allowing customers to send questions, support requests or feedback quickly and easily. Messages on WhatsApp have a high open rate, and agents can handle multiple chats simultaneously, ensuring timely and personalized responses, leading to an improved customer experience.

Centralized conversation management

With omnichannel software, customer care companies can integrate the WhatsApp channel with other communication channels, such as phone, email, web chat and social media. This approach ensures aconsistent customerexperience and allows all conversations to be managed in a single interface, simplifying agent workflow and improving overall operational efficiency.

Proactive engagement and personalization of the customer experience

Whatsapp Integration enables customer services to proactively engage customers by sending updates, notifications and reminders directly to their WhatsApp accounts. Using omnichannel software also makes it easier for operators to access useful information about users from different contact sources.
In this way, agents can maximally customize interactions with customers on WhatsApp, offering a service highly targeted to the specific needs of each customer, increasing customer loyalty.

Process automation

Omnichannel software integrated with WhatsApp enables the automation of process i, such as automated responses, sending predefined messages or chatbots. This frees agents from repetitive tasks and allows them to focus on more complex, high value-added interactions.




XCALLY's omnichannel suite and WhatsApp integration.

XCALLY offers a comprehensive omnichannel suite that includes seamless integration with Voice, e-mail, web chat, SMS, Facebook and other social platforms including WhatsApp channels.

What's new on the way

In October 2023 XCALLY will see a new release within its channel connection with Whatsapp, which will enable a further leap forward in omnichannel customer care management.
To date, the Whatsapp channel enables simplified agent workflows, improved productivity, and ensures consistent and efficient customer service across all channels, but with the newly introduced features, It will be even easier to use the most beloved social channel ever To make the customer journey increasingly effective.

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