Predictive dialer software systemsare indispensable for companies that handle high volumes of inbound and outbound calls. In fact, thanks to their features of optimizing timing and intelligently assigning calls to operators, they enable significant improvements in productivity and customer satisfaction.

In recent years, these systems have undergone strong evolutions, both in terms of an increasingly user-friendly user interface and the functionality included for advanced analysis and integration with other enterprise IT solutions.

What is predictive dialer software

Predictive dialer software, also called predictive dialers in English, is software that can make outbound calls automatically based on predictive algorithms. These algorithms analyze a variety of parameters in real time, such as peak call times, the response rate of people contacted, and the individual performance of operators.

Using these analyses, the predictive dialer is able to dynamically and intelligently assign calls to free operators at that time, predicting what the workflow will be in the short term. This maximizes operator waiting times between calls and minimizes them.

Predictive dialers can be divided into two broad categories:

Predictive cloud-based dialers

They are completely cloud-based systems, that is, hosted on platforms managed by third-party vendors and accessible via web browserfrom any location. Therefore, they do not require investment in hardware, software and maintenance, but offer less customization.

Predictive dialer on-premise

Instead, they are installed within the enterprise technology infrastructure., thus requiring initial investment in terms of dedicated equipment. Nevertheless, they allow for greater control and customization of the system according to specific needs.

The advantages of predictive dialer software

Implementing a predictive dialer brings numerous benefits to companies that need to handle substantial call flows.

  • Increased productivity

    Byoptimizing waiting times, operators are able to handle more calls within the workday. Studies have shown productivity gains of as much as 30-50% over manual systems.

  • Reduced waiting time

    As mentioned, the predictive dialer minimizes downtime between calls by assigning new contacts as soon as the operator ends the previous one. This greatly enhances the end-customer experience.

  • Advanced performance monitoring

    Advanced systems make it possible to track a multitude of parameters related to individual and team performance. This enables useful analyses to optimize processes, goals and revenues.

  • Integration with other enterprise solutions

    The most comprehensive predictive dialers integrate CRM and workforce management features., as well as enabling connections with other third-party platforms such as social networks, IVR and document systems.



XCALLY: The Solution for Optimizing Your Contact Center

XCALLY is a comprehensive suite of call center solutions that includes a powerful outbound dialer that can be used for different types of applications, such as Callbacks, reservation reminders, automated surveys, telesales, telemarketing, and more. XCALLY's distinctive features make this platform the ideal choice for optimizing call operations and outbound campaigns.

Benefits of using XCALLY as a suite:

The Types of Outbound Dialers Provided in XCALLY

The XCALLY suite contains within it Motion Bull, an automatic outbound dialer, with which you can choose, based on the needs of the contact center, what type of method to use for outbound call queues:

Progressive Dialer

The progressive dialer dials the next number in the call list after the agent completes the previous call. This eliminates the waiting time between calls, allowing agents to work more productively and complete more calls during the shift. But unlike a predictive dialer, the progressive dialer does not make multiple calls simultaneously before an agent is available. It dials only as many incoming calls as there are workstations available at that time.

Power Dialer

This software
relies on the analysis of past call metrics and agent availability
to determine the number of calls to be made simultaneously. The power dialer automatically dials phone numbers one after another after each call is completed. This is great for reducing downtime, but operators have no control over which calls they accept or do not accept. Therefore, power dialers are more suitable for fully automated telemarketing campaigns with pre-determined scripts.

Preview Dialer

A preview dialer is a type of dialer used in contact centers that
allows operators to see in advance the details of the next call in the list
. This means that agents have access to some information about the customer before the call. They can then choose whether to take the call or go to the next number in the list. It is useful for companies that require prior preparation or research before making phone contact.

Predictive Dialer

In this mode, the dialer uses the predictive interval to acquire call statistics and predict the optimal number of contacts to call to maximize optimization. The factor used to refine the predictive algorithm can be the dropout rate or the agent employment factor. This system begins by working progressively (1 call for 1 agent), allowing the algorithm to gain a thorough understanding of call handling over time. Next, the algorithm collects real statistical data on call performance, such as the actual number of connections and call duration, in order to improve the overall efficiency of the system.


With XCALLY as your partner, you can get a comprehensive, customized solution that fits the needs of your contact center, improving productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.