XCALLY's IVR Agent Management: Optimizing Customer Interaction and Operator Management.
September 15
In the digital age, providing high-quality customer service is more important than ever. A key component of this service is an IVR (interactive voice response) system effective and well-managed. That's where XCALLY's IVR Agent Management comes […]
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How can an IVR contact center enhance the operational efficiency of customer care specialists?
July 12
The world of customer service is constantly evolving, and companies are looking for solutions to improve the consumer experience, reduce costs, and increase the efficiency of their operators. In this context, the adoption of an IVR […]
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XCALLY & Key IVR: a new partnership for excellent omnichannel customer service and outstanding customer payment experience
June 5
Why is this partnership great news for the customer Experience? We find together XCALLY, an innovative omnichannel automation platform for Customer Care, and Key IVR, a company that offers automated payment services globally. On one hand, […]
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Queue Campaigns vs IVR Campaigns for outbound dialer: what are the differences?
May 15
In today's competitive business environment, customer engagement is more crucial than ever. One way to stay ahead is by effectively using outbound dialer queue campaigns and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) campaigns. These communication strategies can significantly improve your […]
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cos'è un IVR
What is an IVR and how it works
February 27
IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response: interactive voice response, which is a technology that allows customers to interact with a telephone system through a voice menu configurable to a company's specific needs. IVRs are increasingly established […]
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IVR agent management
Discover the IVR Application for Work At Home Agents!
May 25
Your Agents can manage Voice interactions with customers via any kind of external phones, instead of (or blended with) the traditional Phonebar or the WebRTC bar. They don't need computer access and they can work from […]
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