Working flexibly and ensuring operational continuity even remotely have become fundamental elements for many companies. That's why XCALLY has developed XCALLY Mobile, an intuitive application available for iOS devices, which offers agents the ability to manage their work efficiently, wherever they are.

XCALLY Mobile: notifications and chat

One of the most interesting aspects of XCALLY Mobile is its ability to send notifications to agents regarding voice interactions and emergencies to be managed. In this way, professionals can always stay updated on ongoing activities and ensure smooth collaboration with colleagues.

The push notifications sent by the application alert agents when they receive new calls, both internal and incoming or outgoing. This allows them to always be ready to respond to customer requests, regardless of their location.

Collaboration is another key element of XCALLY Mobile. Agents can easily communicate with their colleagues through the internal chat, even during a phone call. This means that they can request support or exchange important information in real-time, increasing the efficiency and quality of the service provided.

Additional Benefits

Another advantage of XCALLY Mobile is the ability to access customer journey information anytime and anywhere. Agents will always have up-to-date customer data, allowing them to provide a personalized and seamless experience.



Improving Your Customer Service with XCALLY Mobile

The XCALLY Mobile app is particularly useful for companies that offer on-demand phone availability or have remote agents. With this application, professionals can always be available, regardless of their location. This increases operational flexibility and enables businesses to provide better service to their customers.

Features in the Application

XCALLY Mobile offers a wide range of features to improve call management and simplify operational workflows. These features include call recording, call history, internal routing, inbound and outbound calling, call transfer, queue monitoring, contact management, and much more.

The application has been developed to ensure an optimal user experience with an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface.

Why Choose XCALLY Mobile

If you're looking for a comprehensive solution for mobile workforce management, XCALLY Mobile is the ideal application. It provides all the necessary features to manage calls, collaborate with colleagues, and deliver quality customer service wherever you are.

Don't miss the opportunity to improve your productivity and team efficiency.

Learn more about XCALLY Mobile and experience the future of mobile workforce management.