The Customer Experience has become a key element for the success of companies in an increasingly competitive market. Providing a top-notch customer experience is critical to creating strong, lasting relationships. In this context, an omnichannel software presents itself as the complete solution for an optimal customer experience.

Omnichannel software: the foundation for customer experience

Omnichannel software is the fundamental basis for creating a borderless Customer Experience. But what features and functions are critical for this type of service?

Integration of contact channels

An omnichannel suite allows you to effectively integrate and manage all contact channelsused by the company, such as phone, email, chat, social media and more. This integration allows for a consistent and seamless experience for customers, regardless of the channel they choose to interact with the company. Customers can effortlessly switch from one channel to another, maintaining continuity of conversation and receiving timely and appropriate responses.

Personalization of interactions

An omnichannel software enables the collection of data and information about customers from different contact channels. This data can be used to create detailed customer profiles and offer a personalized experience. With this information, the company can tailor interactions according to customers' preferences, needs, and behavior. Personalization of interactions creates a sense of recognition and attention from the company, thus improving the overall customer experience.

Continuous customer journey

Omnichannel software makes it possible to offer customers a seamless experience throughout their interaction with the company. Customers can start the interaction on one channel and continue on another without having to repeat information or losing the context of the conversation. Continuity of the customer journey allows you to build a stronger relationship with customers and provide efficient and quality service.

Why choose XCALLY as your omnichannel contact center software

Channel integration, personalization of interactions, and a seamless customer journey are just some of the features that omnichannel software like XCALLY can offer. Through unified contact management, process automation and the use of artificial intelligence, XCALLY enables companies to create a high-level experience for their customers, building strong and lasting relationships. Choosing omnichannel software is critical to meeting customer expectations and standing out from the competition in today's business landscape.


Benefits of using XCALLY for an omnichannel customer experience

Use XCALLY as a solution for an omnichannel customer experience offers numerous benefits in terms of quality of the customer journey and optimization in the control of customer requests.

Unified contact management

XCALLY provides unified management of contacts from different communication channels. This allows the company to have a comprehensive and centralized view of customer interactions, simplifying the management and monitoring of conversations. With XCALLY, operators can have access to all the information they need to offer personalized and timely service.

Process automation

With XCALLY, you can automate the processes of managing contacts and interactions with customers. Automation enables quick and effective response to customer requests and efficient management of repetitive tasks. Process automation enables improved productivity and a smooth customer experience by reserving only the highest-value requests for specialized operators.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) applied in XCALLY plays a key role in improving the omnichannel customer experience. Here are some ways Artificial Intelligence is being used for the customer journey in XCALLY:

  • Intelligent chatbots: AI enables the creation of intelligent chatbotsthat can manage interactions with customers across multiple channels, such as chat, social media and websites. These chatbots can understand natural language, answer frequently asked questions, provide information and immediate assistance, offering efficient service available 24/7.
  • Predictive routing: XCALLY can analyze and understand customer data, such as their preferences, interaction history, and behavior, to automatically route calls, emails, or chats to the best available operator. This ensures that customers are put in touch with the best person to assist with their needs, reducing wait times and improving the quality of service.
  • Sentiment analysis: Using AI, XCALLY can analyze and interpret customers' emotions and sentiment during interactions. By analyzing customers' tone of voice, keywords and responses, artificial intelligence can assess their emotional state and provide suggestions to operators to improve communication and solve problems more effectively.
  • Automatic Responses: AI applied in XCALLY enables the generation of personalized automatic responses for customer requests. Through machine learning and data analysis, it can suggest appropriate responses based on previous scenarios, reducing response time and providing a quick solution to customers.
  • Data analysis and forecasting: Artificial intelligence can analyze data collected from various sources, such as customer feedback, past interactions and market trends, to identify patterns, trends and opportunities. This information enables companies to make more informed decisions, anticipate customer needs, and continuously improve the customer experience.


With XCALLY and its omnichannel software, companies can overcome the challenges of the modern customer experience by delivering quality service and creating lasting customer relationships. Leveraging integration of contact channels, personalization of interactions, and a seamless customer journey, XCALLY enables companies to deliver a consistent and seamless experience across all touch points.

Process automation and unified contact management enable improved operational efficiency and timely and personalized service delivery, and artificial intelligence applied to customer care provides innovative tools to understand customer sentiment and create forecasts and targeted marketing initiatives.