Casaforte is leading self storage group in Italy, which allows space to be rented from 2 to 100 square meters to meet all storage needs. The client wanted to maximize lead conversion, through a service run by qualified staff who can welcome, advise and support the customer during the purchase decision phase.

What was accomplished

Casaforte's needs were met by Xenialab through the use of Vidaoo, offering the implementation of a virtual counter integrated with the digital signature system for the Finalization of sales contracts. Potential Casaforte clients can be engaged by a team of qualified professionals by participating in an in-depth video call by sending a link to access the virtual counter (Vidaoo).

No need to download tools, just an Internet connection and the prospet will establish a video link with Casaforte staff , thus being able to learn about the conditions and benefits of the service. Screensharing allows you to share the contract and to finalize the sale in real time thanks to the digital signature system.


Use of Vidaoo has enabled Casaforte to shorten the window for finalizing contracts and increase redemption. Vidaoo helped to manage hot leads and to increase the number of sales. Casaforte was able to totally digitize the company's contract documentation and, most importantly, had the opportunity to innovate the processes of relationship, sales and lead management through a smart, intuitive and professional approach.

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