Customer service is now an indispensable service for companies, whether they are in sales, manufacturing or public administration. Any business that interfaces with end users will need customer service, more or less structured. Today's consumers are increasingly difficult to please, and they demand specific, customized, and timely solutions to their demands. One of the most innovative solutions in this area, which is gaining more and more popularity, is WhatsApp for Business.

WhatsApp for Business: an efficient communication platform

WhatsApp for Business is a specially designed version of the instant messaging app popular worldwide. This version is aimed at companies that wish to use the instant messaging program as a tool for communicating with their customers. WhatsApp for Business offers a set of features specifically for businesses, including company profiles, automated messaging, statistics and more. This allows them to establish a direct and personal connection with their customers, offering fast and reliable service.

Advantages of WhatsApp for Business in customer care

Whatsapp for Business has several advantages in the context of customer care. First, it offers an immediate and familiar communication channel. Most people use WhatsApp in their daily lives, so it is an application with which customers are already familiar and comfortable using. This reduces adoption barriers and promotes smooth communication.

Secondly, WhatsApp for Business enables the automation of messages, thus allowing businesses to send immediate answers to frequently asked questions or provide automatic updates on orders and deliveries. This reduces customer waiting time and leads to handling a higher volume of requests efficiently.


Leveraging WhatsApp for customer service

WhatsApp has established itself as one of the preferred communication channels for customers to interact with businesses. It offers direct and immediate interaction, allowing customers to ask questions, solve problems, or obtain information without having to make a phone call or send an e-mail. This makes WhatsApp an ideal channel for customer care, as it offers fast and convenient communication.

How XCALLY uses WhatsApp for Business within its software

XCALLY, a leader in omnichannel solutions, has integrated WhatsApp into its ecosystem to offer comprehensive and engaging customer care. In particular, XCALLY uses the following. XCALLY Instant, a solution for managing and monitoring conversations on WhatsApp in an efficient and intuitive way.

XCALLY Instant: features and benefits

XCALLY Instant is a conversation management platform on WhatsApp for Business that offers numerous features to optimize customer service. It allows you to manage multiple conversations simultaneously, send automated messages, create predefined responses, and monitor key metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the service you offer. Agents can manage inbound and outbound interactions, send and receive documents, and offer personalized support in real time.

Meta templates in XCALLY Instant

With the use of Meta templates, automatic messages can be sent at certain points along the customer journey, ensuring consistent and timely communication. In addition, XCALLY Instant offers the ability to create and manage chatbots, which support operators in dealing with common requests, improving the overall efficiency of the team and providing a more efficient customer service experience. With this solution, agents can provide personalized technical support and immediate responses, improving the overall customer experience and increasing user loyalty.

Why Choose XCALLY Instant and WhatsApp for Business

XCALLY Instantrepresents a versatile and powerful option for companies wishing to optimize customer service management through instant messaging.
XCALLYtakes full advantage of the potential of WhatsApp for Business through XCALLY Instant, offering state-of-the-art customer service. Leverage the potential of WhatsApp for Business and XCALLY Instant to improve your customer's experience and stand out from the competition.