The workforce managementis a key component to better manage a contact center's human resources and optimize the customer experience. But how will this area evolve in the future?
Two key words will be: intelligent scheduling and flexibility. Let's see why.

Artificial intelligence to optimize shifts

In a modern contact center, the management of operator shifts and activities is becoming increasingly automated and data-driven.

AI and machine learning solutions enable:

  • Analyze historical data on volumes and types of contacts
  • Make accurate forecasts of future demand by period and channel
  • Automatically generate optimal scheduling of shifts and activities to best meet anticipated needs

L'artificial intelligence thus enables the implementation of dynamic and intelligent scheduling, which maximizes productivity and operational efficiency of the team.

Why the use of WFM improves efficiency in contact centers

The contact center is at the heart of the customer experience, and it is critical to ensure that resources are managed efficiently to provide superior service. The workforce management in a contact center offers advanced solutions for resource planning, work schedule optimization, and agent skills management.

  • Intelligent resource planning: Workforce management enables intelligent planning of contact center resources. Using advanced algorithms, WFM's solution analyzes historical call data, traffic forecasts, and agent skills to determine the optimal number of agents needed at any given time of day. This reduces customer waiting time, maximizes resource utilization, and improves overall operational efficiency.
  • Flexible working hours: In the contact center of the future, flexibility will be a key component of resource management. Workforce management makes it possible to create customized work schedules for agents, taking into account their preferences and the needs of the business. This flexibility allows for a more balanced work environment, reducing agent turnover and increasing overall team satisfaction.
  • Agent competency management: WFM also includes agent competency management. Through a centralized system, it is possible to record each agent's skills, such as languages spoken, specializations, and specific training. This allows calls to be routed to team members best suited to handle certain requests or problems, improving service quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Advanced monitoring and reporting: Workforce management provides advanced monitoring and reporting tools to assess agent performance and overall operational efficiency. You can access key metrics such as average call handling time, customer wait time, and customer satisfaction index. This data allows you to identify areas for improvement, monitor goal achievement, and make informed decisions to optimize contact center operations.



Operational flexibility and agility

Contact centers in the coming years will need to be extremely flexible and agile to adapt quickly to:

  • Unexpected changes in contact volumes
  • Changes in the composition of the labor force
  • New ways of interacting with customers

Innovative WFM solutions enable real-time changes to shifts and on-the-fly re-planning of activities as needed.

Operators will also be able to independently manage their own scheduling, choosing shifts and activities based on personal preferences.

Benefits from scheduling and flexibility

Workforce management based on artificial intelligence and flexibility brings significant benefits to contact centers:

  • Schedules perfectly aligned with the workload
  • Optimal allocation of resources
  • Balance between business and operator needs
  • Increased productivity and service quality
  • Readiness and agility in handling unexpected events

XPLANY and the easy-to-use WFM

As we have seen, workforce management in contact centers is the key to optimizing resources, improving operational efficiency and delivering superior customer service. Consider adopting advanced advanced workforce management, enables companies to stay abreast of the customer service requirements of the future.
Customer service based increasingly on artificial intelligence, for dynamic and predictive schedules, and flexibility, to adapt quickly to change.

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