In recent years, the evolution of omnichannel solutions for contact centers has revolutionized customer interaction and opened up new opportunities to improve the operational efficiency of companies. Learn more about his vision for the XCALLY omnichannel suite and how omnichannel and its solutions are transforming the industry, we interviewed Felice Briscese, Customer Success Manager at XCALLY.

In this in-depth interview, our guest led us through the world of omnichannel customer engagement, sharing his personal experiences and in-depth product knowledge.

What do you deal with in XCALLY?

"I am in charge of the new Customer Success role, an activity that did not exist before at XCALLY," Felice tells us. "In other companies, it is usually done by the onboarding team to introduce new customers to the product. My main goal is to understand the expectations of Partners and End Customers and make sure they are met. In addition, I am concerned with reducing churn (trying to resolve as quickly as possible any difficulties a customer may find themselves in), that is, preventing customers from leaving the service.

In some ways my work is similar to a love relationship in which we try to get to know each other, avoiding misunderstandings and resolving any problems to keep the relationship stable.

I currently get involved in processes that require solutions and answers to customers' most pressing questions. Having a prior background as a Department Head of Professional Services (or Professional Services), I have a fairly in-depth knowledge of the product and the areas in which it integrates and collaborates with external environments and third-party products, and because of this, I can offer immediate help. I hope, over time, that this figure will become more and more oriented toward welcoming new partners as well as redeeming difficulties."


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The churn rate, or churn rate is the percentage of customers or subscribers who stop using the services offered by a company over a period of time. Although it is a term associated with email marketing, it is also used in other areas referring to the loss of customers.


What are the strengths of the XCALLY MOTION suite?

  • One of XCALLY's main strengths is the relationship between quality and price

Compared with our competitors, we manage to maintain a very competitive price because of our open source foundation. This allows us to offer functionality that seemed impossible just a few years ago. The difference lies in the fact that effective use of this technology requires specialized skills within the company. Not everyone can take full advantage of the potential of open source, as it requires highly skilled professionals. Fortunately, we have an in-house team with in-depth expertise in infrastructure management and planning.

  • Another advantage of the XCALLY model is that the purchase of the suite offers many features, and over time the product improves at no additional cost.

Core updates are included in the license, which means that if you have version 3.6, you will have free access to version 3.18 and so on. In addition, customers can participate in the evolution of the product.

  • The Italian Style

There is much of our way of being, as Italians, in the product. We are committed to finding solutions on our own, and the innovative insights of our developers enable us to deliver solutions efficiently. Product development is done entirely in Italy, unlike some of our competitors, which in my opinion adds great value to XCALLY.

  • The time required to go from design to implementation is very short.

Clients are often surprised by the low cost of our solutions, taking into account how quickwe are to implement requests, but this is a direct consequence of everything I mentioned earlier.

  • Another reason XCALLY is chosen is its ability to easily integrate with other software without requiring specific modules.

With the basic license and the right skills, you can create many integrations on your own. Our Academy enables partners to develop these skills and increase the attractiveness and use of the product.

  • XCALLY can be installed either on-premise or as a SAAS service

Our market consists of companies of very different sizes, from those with a few licenses to those with hundreds of licenses. This means that not all customers want a cloud solution. Some people prefer to keep their data within their own infrastructure instead of outsourcing it to large cloud service providers, so they choose our solution for added security.

  • Scalability, adaptability, and ease of implementation

Even for small companies, XCALLY makes it easy to implement their own chatbots, voicebots and emailbots because with the suite, it is very easy to create automated interactions and then escalate them to human agents if necessary.

It seems to me that the benefits are obvious so...since we were talking about automation and bots, from your perspective, how much is AI impacting omnichannel?

The impact of AI on omnichannel is significant. Not only does it have economic consequences, but it also raises ethical questions.

And here then I anticipate your next question...Is the ethical application of AI an asset? And if so, why?

So let's make a premise. Despite the importance of ethics, the market is a highly competitive environment in which labor costs are a determining factor for companies. Therefore, entrepreneurs must confront the reality of current changes. AI will certainly lead to cost savings, but it will also result in the loss of some jobs, requiring a redefinition of the very concept of work. AI will certainly impact businesses, global governance and, most importantly, people. It will be necessary to adapt to these changes, but it will not be easy for everyone.

What we try to do internally with contact centers is to make choices that enable workers to work less and better, with the help of, for example, conversational AI, which can streamline processes and improve efficiency.

The new corporate vision and mission is to "make customers smile" (which if you think about it was Disney's slogan until a few years ago "To make people happy," and that's great as a thing) but also on the backend side it has to serve to put less stress on operators, and welcome for the customer and customer experience as well. However, ethics must be a priority, and there will probably be a revolution in this regard. For example, think about autonomous driving of cars and the safety that comes with it.

So you have to overcome some mistrust because you think that humans are irreplaceable and you are afraid of becoming obsolete. Professionalism changes, becomes more interesting, and artificial intelligence can provide help in this regard.

How do you think XCALLY can make a difference in an omnichannel contact center?

In today's market, XCALLY can be a valuable support for operators and in meeting the different expectations of companies, for example in terms of reporting and ease of use. It is a malleable and easily manageable system that allows intuitive process design with great flexibility.

What are the new challenges that await XCALLY, from your perspective?

Five years ago what we brought no one had ON THE PLANET. In interaction design XCALLY has become a forerunner, like Prometheus who brought fire, so we with CALLY SQUARE.

What's amazing about it? Because you can do an IVR, even a complex one, in five minutes. Beautiful insight.

What we try to do on a daily basis is to challenge ourselves to have similarly revolutionary insights that will enable us to create a product like CALLY SQUARE on the other channels as well.


In this interview, we found out how XCALLYis redefining the way companies approach omnichannel customer engagement, offering cutting-edge solutions that combine advanced technology, artificial intelligence, and a deep understanding of partner and market needs.