When it comes to omnichannel customer service, it is also necessary to think about what makes it possible to keep track of and evidence of the interactions that operators, chatbots and voicebots, and in general the different touchpoints of a customer service, produce every day. To do this in conjunction with user management, a well-structured real time monitoring service is needed. XCALLY, the platform designed for customer care management, therefore has among its main functions, a real time monitoring part.

Real time monitoring: a crucial advantage for your call center

Real-time monitoring is a crucial advantage for any call center. With XCALLY, you can monitor your interactions in real time, getting a comprehensive and immediate overview of current activities. This enables you to make informed decisions, make timely changes, and maximize the efficiency and quality of your call center.

Real-time call monitoring

Real-time call monitoring is one of the key features offered by XCALLY. You can view in real time the number of calls in queue, the average waiting time, the number of available operators, and more. This information makes it possible to check call trends, identify any overload situations, and take immediate action, such as assigning more operators or implementing more effective queue management strategies.

How WhatsApp Realtime by XCALLY works

In addition to monitoring calls, emails, chats, XCALLY provides the function of WhatsApp Realtime, which enables real-time monitoring of all activities taking place in the WhatsApp channel queues. This tool provides the ability to change the configuration and workflow of the WhatsApp channel in real time, offering immediate control over the management of interactions. Through the Realtime section, you can view the status of agents on all available channels and change it if necessary. With XCALLY's WhatsApp Realtime, it is possible to have complete and immediate control over WhatsApp channel activities, enabling you to optimize interaction management and ensure efficient and effective customer service.



The benefits of XCALLY's real time monitoring

The real time monitoring offered by XCALLY is a very useful tool in the customer service environment, enabling optimization and improvement of the service and customer journey.

Optimization of operational efficiency

Thanks to real-time monitoring, it is possible to identify any inefficiencies or problems in the workflow. For example, if you notice a high amount of calls in the queue, you can take immediate action by assigning more resources or adjusting call routing parameters. This makes it possible to optimize available resources, reduce customer wait times, and improve the overall operational efficiency of the call center.

Service quality improvement

Real-time monitoring makes it possible to assess the quality of customer interactions in real time. You can record the screen during calls, monitor chat conversations, and control the handling of e-mails to ensure that your operators provide high-quality service. This allows immediate intervention by providing feedback and suggestions to operators in order to improve the overall customer experience.

Why choose XCALLY as your partner

Real-time monitoring is a key element in the success of a customer service, whether it consists of a few people or a structured contact center with many operators. With XCALLY, it becomes easy to monitor customer interactions in real time, gaining a complete and immediate view of activities and making informed decisions to improve operational efficiency and service quality.