Text-to-speech, is a technology that enables the conversion of text to audio, offering new possibilities for interaction and accessibility. Thanks to recent developments in next-generation speech synthesis, artificial voices have become increasingly realistic and natural. In this context, Amazon Polly stands out as one of the leading services in the field of speech synthesis. Let's find out the strengths of Amazon Polly and how XCALLY best integrates it.

What is speech synthesis

Speech synthesis is the technology of turning a written text into an artificial voice through automated processing. This innovation enables companies to provide automated voice service and support, offering customers immediate and interactive communication. The fields of application are many, from accessibility to voice assistants. In customer service, it allows the user experience to be enriched with natural and expressive voice responses.

Speech synthesis applied to customer care: improving customer experience with artificial voice

Through speech synthesis, companies can create interactive voice guides, personalized voice announcements, and pre-recorded responses that are played back through artificial voices. This allows a high volume of customer calls and inquiries to be handled efficiently, offering immediate and accurate responses.

The benefits of text-to-speech applied to customer care are many.

  • 24-hour support: First, it enables companies to provide 24/7 service, eliminating dependence on human operators and ensuring immediate response even outside business hours. This means that customers can get support at any time, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Standardized responses: the use of speech synthesis allows for standardization of the responses provided, ensuring consistency and uniformity in the message conveyed to customers. This is especially important when it comes to providing crucial information such as opening hours, product instructions, return policies, and so on. The artificial voice ensures that information is conveyed clearly and consistently, avoiding ambiguity or misunderstanding.
  • Ability to personalize the customer experience: through the choice of different voices, tones, and pitches, companies can create a more welcoming experience that suits their brand. For example, a company targeting a young audience might opt for a lively and dynamic voice, while a more traditional company might prefer a professional and reassuring voice.

What is Amazon Polly speech synthesis: a revolution in digital audio

The speech synthesis of Amazon Polly represents cutting-edge technology in the field of digital audio. It is a cloud-based text-to-speech service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allows text to be converted to high-quality audio. Its powerful combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms enables the creation of realistic, natural and highly expressive artificial voices.

Amazon Polly offers a wide range of voices in different languages, both male and female, which are able to express emotions and adapt to the context in a natural way. This means that Amazon Polly voices can be used to create a variety of engaging audio content, such as voice announcements, voice guides, audiobooks, podcasts, and more. What makes Amazon Polly's speech synthesis unique is its ability to generate voices that sound like they were recorded by an actual human being. Using deep learning technology, Amazon Polly is able to pick up the nuances of pitch, accent and pronunciation, making the generated audio extremely realistic and pleasant to listen to.

Amazon Polly's strengths

Amazon Polly speech synthesis is used in a variety of areas, including e-learning, audiobook narration, voice assistance, accessibility for the visually impaired, and many other applications that require engaging and effective audio communication. Its strengths in summary are:

  • Unparalleled audio quality: Amazon Polly generates voices indistinguishable from human voices for a natural voice experience.
  • Next-generation neural voices: Polly's neural voices, generated through deep learning, are more expressive and nuanced.
  • Wide choice of voices and languages: Polly has over 200 voices in more than 25 languages to cover every need.
  • Flexibility: you can customize the audio output by adjusting parameters such as reading speed, tone and voice volume. In this way, you can tailor the audio to the specific needs of your audience and the characteristics of your brand.
  • Ease of use: simple integration via API into any application. Lyrics converted to mp3 in real time.



Integration with XCALLY

XCALLY, a cutting-edge omnichannel contact center suite, leverages the power of Amazon Polly to improve customer communication.
XCALLY easily integrates with Amazon Polly's voice services to generate artificial responses of high quality and expressiveness: when a text needs to be converted into voice, XCALLY sends it to Polly's AWS servers via API. Polly processes the text by applying sophisticated machine learning and speech neosynthesis techniques to produce an mp3 audio file with natural timbre. The audio file is then transmitted back from the AWS servers to XCALLY in real time, ready to be played back to the calling user as a voice response. In this way, XCALLY can provide an immersive voice experience similar to human speech, taking advantage of Polly's text-to-speech quality.

Customized voice announcement service

XCALLY'sInteractive Voice Responses use Polly for personalized and professional voice guides. With Amazon Polly's realistic voices, XCALLY provides a high-quality audio experience for its customers during phone interactions. Customized voice announcements help create a professional image of the company and provide clear and concise information to callers.

Chatbots and virtual assistants

I chatbotsfrom XCALLY respond with voice messages generated on the spot by Polly, creating a much more realistic customer experience.

Interactive voice guidance

With the help of Amazon Polly, XCALLY implements interactive voice guides to assist callers during the self-care journey. Amazon Polly's lifelike voices make voice guides engaging and easy to follow, providing clear and detailed instructions to resolve customer queries efficiently.

Audio readings for accessibility

XCALLY uses Amazon Polly to create audio readings of text, such as product information or important messages, to ensure accessibility for people with visual impairments. Amazon Polly's realistic, high-quality voices enable optimal information enjoyment, ensuring an inclusive experience for all customers.

Voice notifications

Critical alerts are communicated to operators through clear and natural voice notifications.

Improving Customer Experience

In conclusion, text-to-speech applied to customer care is an innovative solution to improve the customer experience. With realistic artificial voices and automation, companies can offer immediate and accurate customer service, improving user satisfaction and streamlining contact center operations. As technology continues to evolve, text-to-speech will continue to play an increasingly important role in the customer care of the future.

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