Project goals

Tahya Misr is a growing and vibrant fundraising entity whose goal is to help Egyptian citizen in several sectors.
During this COVID-19 crisis, Tahya Misr took the decision to aid people in Egypt - one of mildly affected countries - offering an hotline service for everyone: individuals, entities and even the government.

Tahya Misr is addressing all its resources to aid those in need. A campaign was held to test individuals, help with isolation situations when Egyptians were not able to afford hospitalization or normal hospital isolation process.
Tahya Misr fund led also a huge campaign to send basic materials such as food and sanitizers to remote places or areas in lockdown with no shops available. The fund raising entity continues also to provide tests for COVID-19.

Over 10 agents are working to help processing requests on various day times, some to report cases and others for relieving those who are shocked by the pandemic.

Project outcome

Project was able to help 27 districts, 4 governmental sectors and countless individuals during COVID-19 and will do it until the pandemic is over.

Inbound calls doubled during early stages of COVID-19. During the second week, the fundraising entity started rolling out aid across the country and that’s when the self-service IVR got in place to handle all incoming requests.

Using XCALLY Motion as a call center software, the fundraising entity was able to manage the service working with various modules such as:

  1. Voice, to manage inbound and manual outbound calls;
  2. Jscripty, to create special scripts available for agents to easily manage requests, containing information about COVID-19 early detection, shock handling, etc;
  3. Contacts manager, to organize and save contacts in different lists, i.e. for inbound and outbound;
  4. Self-service IVR, to let callers register their phone number and area of need.

Trough all the above features, few agents were able to manage hundreds of daily requests and will continue doing it until necessary to help Egyptian people during this difficult situation.