One of the main benefits leveraged by AnswerNet has been also the XCALLY API, used to perform the integration between the voice platform and other business process management software, like its messaging, scripting, CRM and billing platforms.

The solution is running on the Amazon AWS hosted cloud service and has been designed to provide the best level of security and scalability. The AnswerNet’s agents benefit from one of the best Omni Channel UX, the XCALLY phone bar. AnswerNet added an integration with its messaging platform, exploiting the XCALLY CTI API.

The easily provisioned IVR helped in terms of queue and service design. The full drag and drop visual interface and advance applications allowed AnswerNet to create custom queuing and enterprise class solutions for its clients.

AnswerNet is now adding more channels and more integrations to the solution using the improved XCALLY MOTI ON API. The current deployment provides services throughout the USA and Canada as AnswerNet equips its nearly 700 agents with XCALLY’s Motion.

We chose XCALLY as our communications partner because we shared a vision of the future which recognizes that contact centers need to be able to integrate multiple business processes to multiple communications channels. We continue to be impressed with the way XCALLY has architected its solution to be easy to use as new business applications are introduced.

Gary Pudles, AnswerNet’s President

Working with the AnswerNet team has been amazing, mainly because we share the same vision in terms of customer care evolution. Furthermore, we have been able to replicate our software solution in many AnswerNet sites all around US. This is only the beginning of a strong partnership, that we believe will lead to one of the best User experience inside the US and Canada Omni Channel contact center market.

Diego Gosmar, XCALLY Managing Director.