One of Inicia Soluciones customers recently had the need of a unified telephony environment for both the company and Call Center.
This company uses Microsoft Teams in a corporate way but required for their environment a telephone system management that allow them to handle their customer service and generate automatic dialling for their agents.

We work with Microsoft and we are not planning to change. Currently, with telework and decentralization of our sites, we use Microsoft Teams daily and we can’t do without it. Due to a new direction of the company, however, we need to incorporate Call Center agents for both telephone answering and automatic dialling campaigns. These agents must be able to contact our Microsoft Teams staff directly and vice versa, that’s a requirement”.

CTO of the company, Granada Spain

They required an environment like the one shown in the following diagram:

Thus, Microsoft Teams users and XCALLY agents would have a single voice platform for the entire company. The challenge of this project was to configure XCALLY as this single telephony gateway. The system should have the possibility of an intelligent routing capable of discerning which calls correspond to the Call Center and which calls should be routed from and to Microsoft Teams users.

Fortunately, XCALLY and its great flexibility made it possible for Inicia Soluciones to perform this configuration. The different routes of the calls from the VoIP Provider to the Microsoft Teams servers and the calls from the Microsoft Teams users, both to the IP providers and to any of the existing call routes in the server’s numbering plan, were created without any problem.

In addition, Call Center agents can not only take care of their own telephone support but can also be in direct contact with Microsoft Teams users without the need to have a Teams user license on their desktop and with a single telephone.

After a few weeks of collaboration between Inicia Soluciones and its client, the outcome can be seen in the response of its CTO:

“We are very satisfied with the result that Inicia Soluciones and the XCALLY multichannel system have provided us with. They have been able to meet our expectations and we have just what we needed. Great job.”

CTO of the company, Granada Spain