Ingo SPA, the group leading the development of XCALLY with the owned company Xenialab became a benefit company at theen of 2021: as a result, we are working hard to create sustainable solutions that focus on human relationships while respecting diversity and inclusion. 

For these reasons, we are particularly proud to have supported the customisations useful to Fundació Ajudai Esperança, in order to provide adequate customer service in Spain to a community so in need of help" says Diego Gosmar, Chief International Officer at Ingo Group. 


Who is Fundació Ajudai Esperança? 

  • La Fundació Ajuda i Esperança is a non-profit entity founded in 1986 to promote, encourage and give support to the service of communication and urgent guidance called Telèfon de l’Esperança (Hope Line), founded in 1969. 
  • Nowadays, Fundació Ajuda i Esperança has various services of emotional support that operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, with a communication model based on active listening. Including the first service, Telèfon de l’Esperança (Hope Line). 
  • In 2020, Barcelona City Council, in partnership with Fundació Ajuda i Esperança, launched the Suicide Prevention Telephone, in order to respond to those calls where some type of suicidal content is presented. 
  • They say “our mission is to offer social care in a framework of total anonymity and confidentiality. We aim to improve the quality of life and emotional well-being of people who are living situations of loneliness, isolation or suffering, and contribute to create a society more supportive, welcoming and resilient”. 


What the customer needed? 

  • The customer was looking for a user-friendly cloud platform able to manage the various requests coming from the WhatsApp channel. 
  • They urgently needed to understand how to port the existing Spanish phone number into the platform, being able to manage messages in a single interface, and manage the various workflows for agents and KPIs for supervisors. 
  • The platform had to be intuitive and easy to use, as the team of volunteers is not very technical and is very busy to provide immediate assistance. In addition, we had to port the existing spanish number into the platform and from there manage all the incoming WhatsApp requests, including the Attachments. 


Problems solved 

During a first phase, we realized that our previous Facebook partner did not provide the porting of existing mobile Spanish numbers, so we immediately established a new partnership with another Facebook partner by contacting their head office and the local country manager, who provided the number to the customer. 

In addition, we realised that the customer had to manage WhatsApp voice attachments urgently and the connector had this restriction. So we immediately put this feature in production in our roadmap, at the same time entrusted the customer to our experienced technology partner in Florida, Linkekdip, a partner who has been working with us for more than 10 years and has developed an environment in the Open Channel ready to handle most social media communications. 

Linkedip immediately responded to the customer, by consulting in details and implementing the solution in a few weeks, they also created an ad hoc customizations to allow the receival of voice attachments. 



  • People who need assistance call the WhatsApp number, send SMS, videos, Photos, voice messages and stickers, and all these communications flow into the platform and are managed by the various agents. 
  • The Fundació Ajuda i Esperança team can use the workflow needed to provide efficient support in an user friendly interface  
  • Supervisors can see statistics and have general visibility of the messages that are coming and how agents work. 
  • Improved efficiency in communication management.
  • Now the service can be launched live in the Spanish market to help those in need. 


What the partner LinkedIp says 

“Working with Fundació Ajuda i Esperança has given us the opportunity to give back to the community as part of our social responsibility” said Miguel Licero, a founding member of LinkedIP and also a XCALLY Partner.   

Digital transformation and customer experience also applies to scenarios where persons in crisis are looking for help. Being part of this project has been an honor”.