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Partner Success: Strategies and Approaches for Quality Relationships
July 19
The success and value of a company depend not only on its intrinsic capabilities but also on the quality of its partnerships. Creating a network of strong and structured relationships, a concrete project, becomes increasingly crucial […]
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Digital Transformation: what it is and what are the trends in 2023
May 22
Digital transformation is an evolving process involving the adoption of digital technologies to improve processes, strategies and value offerings. In this post, we will explore the concept of digital transformation, its main trends for 2023, and […]
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Digital transformation and customer experience: a scenario where persons in crisis call for help. The case study of Fundaciò Ajuda i Esperança
July 20
Ingo SPA, the group leading the development of XCALLY with the owned company Xenialab became a benefit company at theen of 2021: as a result, we are working hard to create sustainable solutions that focus on […]
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Trasformazione digitale e customer experience: uno scenario in cui le persone in crisi chiedono aiuto. Il caso di studio della Fundaciò Ajuda i Esperança
July 20
Ingo SPA , il gruppo che guida lo sviluppo di XCALLY con la società di proprietà Xenialab è diventata una società benefit nel 2021: di conseguenza, stiamo lavorando duramente per creare soluzioni sostenibili che si concentrino […]
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