XCALLY and support for a company in the fintech sector 

Our client is a company operating in the fintech sector, which makes financial services available to the population that does not make use of traditional banking support. The company was founded in Nigeria in 2017 to offer loans and over the years has grown into one of the leading digital banks in the country. 

What were the customer's needs? 

Following the increase in loans disbursed and the increasingly significant market position held by the company, the need has emerged to get in direct contact with customers in order to reduce costs for outsourcing agents. 

  • Create less problematic touchpoints in order to support their customers in an optimal way.
  • Find a way to automatically contact customers, rather than having to manually call them to remember their loan deadlines.
  • Have a system available which records all activities and which allows the creation of reports.

The system used by the company at the time was unable to manage customer support, was not automated and the reports were not usable. This is where XCALLY came into play, which made it possible to meet the needs of the company: improve the customer experience and track outstanding loans effectively and in a single system. 

What has been done 

We created a system that managed incoming interactions, implementing an automatic self-service system that allows customers to have assistance even without interacting with a physical agent. We automated how the debt collection department tracked and recovered the loan of customers who had yet to recover from debt. 

XCALLY was initially deployed on-premises and was easily migrated to the cloud during the pandemic, then became the go-to solution for the corporate 24/7 contact center, enabling remote work during the peak of sanitary emergency. 

What has been achieved 

Thanks to XCALLY, agents are able to independently track their calls and fill out questionnaires by listening to the voice recordings they have access to, so that they can monitor the number of requests met and if the daily goals have been reached. Debt collection has increased on a monthly basis. The institute started with five agents, currently has 96 and is expanding. 

Our partner

MXS LTD popularly known as Maxin Solutionswas founded in February 2016 with its footprint all over Nigeria from supporting small organizations to multinationals all in a quest to help them meet their digital business needs at the fraction of the cost.

The key strength of this organization was deploying and maintaining core infrastructure – because our partner realized that most small businesses and startups had a tight budget dedicated to IT and couldn’t afford at the start the core devices/ hardware they needed for optimal network performance at their office location.  

Our partner is still in the business of managing and supporting small businesses but their focus during pandemic shifted to contact center solutions as there was no one working from the office anymore and office infrastructure was basically unused.  

Try the omnichannel strategy for your business 

Thanks to the innovative philosophy and the high IVR technology put into play, the customer’s requests have been met and the results obtained show how successful the strategy has been. 

Our company is constantly active in the development of advanced technologies and is able to offer products designed specifically for the contact center manager, such as XCALLY: the omnichannel software used in over 70 countries by 30,000 users.