In this case study, we will analyze how the use of omnichannel and reporting tools has allowed a leading company in the logistics sector to optimize the management of contact center and improve business, using the XCALLY platform. 

What were the customer's needs?  

The customer needed a centralized system to manage their call center The solution that was used before was very static, there was no possibility to work in the cloud and to analyze the various data. The lack of reporting and the impossibility of interacting proactively with the end users prevented the company to strengthen its business. 

What has been done  

Our local partner in Dubai, DVCOM Technology, offered the XCALLY omnichannel contact center solution to meet the customer’s needs. 

The XCALLY on-premise system has been setup in the office, while the backup system is available in the cloud, so as to ensure the possibility of upgrading the system in a few hours. After the implementation of XCALLY, the company started to easily interact with customers via Facebook, WhatsApp and e-mail.  

In addition, as the customer operates in the logistics sector, an automated call system for address verification has been configured up in XCALLY. 

What has been achieved  

The use of XCALLY omnichannel software increased productivity and company’s business volume.  

The availability of modules for analytics and reports has helped to retrieve useful information to improve work activity, also increasing customer satisfaction. 

Our partner 

DVCOM Technology is an established provider of telephony, contact center, video conferencing and network solutions in Dubai, UAE. It operates in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. The company, INGO’s partner since 2016, managed this project providing local support to the customer. More info on