When thinking of a modern contact center, one is often confronted with the idea of a combination of experience and empathy of a "human" operator and the efficiency and speed of response of an automated responder, also known as voicebot.
But in fact, what do we mean by the term voicebot, and what are the uses and benefits that can be derived in the daily use of these tools, based on algorithms powered by artificial intelligence? How is machine learning technology changing, and in some cases, revolutionizing, how we, as consumers, approach the customer journey on a daily basis?

What are AI Voicebots

AI Voicebots are artificial intelligence-based systems designed to interact with users through speech recognition and the generation of voice responses. Unlike traditional chatbots, they enable smooth conversations through various channels, such as the telephone. These advanced virtual assistants are able to understand natural language, interpret users' intentions, and provide immediate responses. By combining artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) techniques, AI Voicebots are able to continuously learn and improve their performance. They can be programmed to handle any kind of demand in a multitude of industries and applications. This enables them to provide an increasingly personalized and human-like experience.

The functionality of AI Voicebots

AI Voicebots offer a number of advanced features that make them extremely useful in customer care. Among them:

  • Immediate answers: AI Voicebots can provide immediate answers to users' questions, reducing waiting time and improving customer service efficiency.
  • Personalization: By analyzing past interactions and knowing the user profile, AI Voicebots can provide personalized responses and targeted suggestions, improving the overall customer experience.
  • Process automation: AI Voicebots can automate a variety of processes, such as booking appointments, accessing specific information, or routing calls to the appropriate department.
  • 24/7 Availability: AI Voicebots are always available, enabling customers to get assistance at any time, even outside traditional business hours.

Advantages of using AI Voicebots in customer care

AI Voicebots offer numerous benefits when used within a contact center for customer care management. Specifically, they allow for:

Improved customer experience

AI Voicebots provide a faster, more accurate and personalized customer service experience. Because of their ability to understand and respond to user questions, they are able to provide answers to the most frequently asked customer questions, allowing human operators to focus on the more complex and engaging inquiries. This leads to an increased customer satisfaction and a better reputation of the company..

Reduction in operating costs

Implementing AI Voicebots enables companies to reduce operational costs related to customer service. AI Voicebots can handle a high volume of calls automatically, around the clock, eliminating the need for a large team of human operators. This leads to significant savings in financial resources



The integration of Voicebots into the XCALLY platform.

XCALLY, a leader in contact center solutions, has fully embraced the use of AI Voicebots to improve efficiency and user experience. Thanks to theVoicebot integration into the XCALLY platform., companies can automate many of the day-to-day tasks of customer care. XCALLY's AI Voicebots can handle call routing to the appropriate department, provide immediate answers to frequently asked questions, and even book appointments. This allows human operators to focus on more complex, high-value tasks, improving the overall operational efficiency of the contact center.

Personalized and efficient interaction

XCALLY's AI voicebots take care of first level support, providing basic information, service status, and the ability to activate practices in guided mode, and handling up to 40 percent of incoming calls. In case the requests are more articulate, the interaction is automatically turned over to an operator who can support the customer in full. This hybrid approach ensures excellent service and a smooth transition between human-machine interactions, improving the overall customer experience.

Redefining the customer experience through XCALLY

AI Voicebots represent a huge opportunity to improve customer service in contact centers. With their ability to understand natural language, provide immediate responses, and automate processes, AI Voicebots offer a win-win solution to reduce wait times, increase operational efficiency, and improve the customer experience. Choosing a cutting-edge solution such as XCALLY enables companies to harness the full potential of AI Voicebots and drive the evolution of customer care into the future.