While the average user today expects to interact through digital channels such as chat or email, when it comes to customer support, the contribution of a human voice remains undoubtedly a winning and reassuring factor. Thanks to artificial intelligence, a tool like AWS Polly can make a difference by personalizing interactions and improving the overall customer experience. But how does AWS Polly work and how is it used in an omnichannel suite like XCALLY?

What is AWS Polly and what is it used for?

AWS Polly is an AI-based text-to-speech service developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This service allows you to convert text into natural-sounding speech in different languages and with various intonations, making the audio output realistic and engaging. AWS Polly can be used in various contexts, including voice assistants, text-to-speech applications, advertisements, and, of course, in customer care to enhance accessibility and user experience.

Customizable and multilingual voice

One of the key features of AWS Polly is the ability to create customized and multilingual voices. Through AI, it is possible to adjust the voice's intonation, tone, and speed to make it consistent with the company's brand. Additionally, AWS Polly supports multiple languages, enabling businesses to communicate effectively and naturally with customers, even on an international level.

Audio quality and truthfullness

AWS Polly offers exceptional audio quality and accurate pronunciation of words. The generated voices are realistic and natural, allowing for smooth and engaging communication with customers. AWS Polly's ability to express emotions through voice, such as happiness or sadness, adds an additional level of engagement to customer interactions.

AWS Polly in customer care

AWS Polly offers numerous possibilities for improvement in customer care processes. By integrating Polly into their systems, companies can enrich user interactions by leveraging voice. This brings various benefits such as increased engagement, improved accessibility, and growing customer satisfaction.

Welcome messages and personalization

AWS Polly allows for the creation of personalized and engaging welcome and promotional messages. The voices generated by AWS Polly can welcome customers, provide information about products or services, and dynamically promote special offers. This improvement in communication can increase customer attention and create a more memorable experience.

Voice announcements for IVR

AWS Polly can be integrated into Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to provide clear and professional voice announcements. The voices generated by AWS Polly can guide customers through menu options, provide information about the status of an order, or offer automated assistance. This enhancement in digital voice makes the interaction with IVR more pleasant and intuitive for customers.

Increased user engagement

The human voice is more natural to listen to compared to reading. This improves the experience during calls or digital conversations.



XCALLY and the use of AWS Polly

XCALLY, an omnichannel suite for customer care, utilizes AWS Polly to offer an extraordinary experience to customers.

XCALLY has integrated Amazon Polly to enhance the capabilities of its customer care software with high-quality audio output.

Personalization of communications

Notifications, confirmations, and updates can be read aloud to further engage the end user.

Ease of use and engagement

Interaction becomes more natural and enjoyable through the use of synthesized voice, improving the overall customer experience.

Benefits of using AWS Polly with XCALLY

Using AWS Polly with XCALLY brings numerous advantages in customer care:

  • Engaging voice: Thanks to Polly, XCALLY can provide a realistic and engaging digital voice, enhancing the listening experience for customers.
  • Personalization: XCALLY utilizes customization options to adapt the voice to the brand's needs and create a unique vocal identity for each company.
  • Operational efficiency: By using automated speech synthesis, XCALLY can reduce response times and improve the operational efficiency of customer care.

Why Choose XCALLY

XCALLY is the ideal choice for businesses aiming to offer high-quality and engaging customer care. Here are some reasons to choose XCALLY:

  • Complete platform: XCALLY provides a comprehensive and highly customizable platform for customer care, integrating features such as call routing, ticket management, performance monitoring, and more.
  • Integration with AWS Polly: XCALLY has native integration with AWS Polly in its platform, allowing businesses to easily leverage the capabilities of digital voice to enhance the customer experience.
  • Experience and support: XCALLY has extensive experience in the customer care industry and offers dedicated support to ensure optimal implementation and use of the solutions.