Within an increasingly competitive world, customer service excellence has become a key differentiating element. At the heart of high-quality customer service is a well-managed and motivated human resources team. This is where the workforce management.

Why workforce management is crucial for CX

The quality of the experience offered to customers depends heavily on the performance of a company's operators. That is why proper management of human resources is crucial.

Effective workforce management can have a significant impact on the customer experience. Here's how:

  • Optimized scheduling: By ensuring that there are always enough employees available to meet customer demand, companies can reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Continuously monitor and optimize performance: Through ongoing training, employees can acquire the skills needed to provide excellent service.
  • Demand forecasting: With accurate demand forecasting, companies can ensure that they always have the resources they need to meet customer needs

Benefits for the customer experience

Effective workforce management brings several benefits to the customer experience:

  • Less waiting time for customers
  • Faster access to required information
  • Improved quality and timeliness of service
  • Increased satisfaction of operators, who are more motivated and productive

The Importance of Employee Engagement

Another key aspect of workforce management is employee engagement. Motivated and committed employees are more likely to provide high-quality service, which can lead to a better customer experience.

The strategic management of human resources

Strategic human resource management is critical to effective workforce management and, consequently, to a better customer experience. Here are some of the key areas where human resources can make a difference:

  • Selection and recruitment: Hiring the right people is the first step toward building a high-performing team.
  • Training and development: Providing ongoing training and development opportunities can help keep employees motivated and ensure that they have the skills needed to provide excellent customer service.
  • Performance management: Human resources plays a key role in monitoring employee performance and providing constructive feedback.

Data-driven workforce management approach

To make optimal decisions, workforce management must rely on hard data, including:

  • Past and projected contact volumes
  • Type of interactions (email, chat, social, etc.)
  • Average handling times by channel
  • Service Objectives (SLA)
  • Skill and performance of individual operators
  • Absenteeism and expected turnover

XPLANY's technology

An effective workforce management software can have a significant impact on the customer experience. Strategic management of human resources is critical to ensure that companies have the resources they need to provide high-quality service and to keep employees motivated and engaged. Ultimately, customer service excellence depends on a company's ability to effectively manage its human resources.

Modern workforce management solutions, such as XPLANY, the WFM management software of the XCALLYmake all human resources management processes efficient and data-driven.

With XPLANY you can:

  • Planning activities and requirements in a few clicks
  • Automatically assign tasks and shifts
  • Continuously monitor and optimize performance

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