Workforce management has become increasingly important as companies have moved toward an omnichannel customer service model. A workforce management software can help efficiently manage human resources and ensure a smooth customer experience across all channels.
In this article, we will explore what a workforce management software is, how it can be used in customer care processes, and how XCALLY leverages this technology to deliver a first-class omnichannel experience.

What is a workforce management software and what is it for?

A workforce management software is a technological solution that enables companies to efficiently manage their workforce. This software integrates various functions such as resource planning, task management, skills management, and performance analysis. With these features, a WFM software helps companies optimize the use of human resources, reduce operating costs and improve overall productivity.

Resource planning

A WFM makes it possible to optimally plan employees' schedules and shifts according to expected peaks in demand so as to minimize waiting time for customers.

Performance monitoring

Through real-time monitoring, the software ensures that key performance metrics, such as average wait and resolution times, remain within defined standards.

How can workforce management software serve in customer care processes?

In the context of customer care, workforce management software plays a key role in human resource planning and management. For provide quality customer service, it is necessary to have the right number of agents available at the right time. Workforce management software allows you to plan work schedules, manage vacation and absence, and monitor agent performance.
A workforce management software, integrated with contact center systems, enables omnichannel customer management.

Workload balancing

Automatically distributes incoming calls, chats, and emails among operators dynamically to ensure short response times regardless of channel.

Total visibility into performance

With advanced reporting dashboards, it enables management to have a 360-degree view of service performance across all contact channels.



How XCALLY uses workforce management software in its omnichannel processes

XCALLY, a leader in technology for customer service, has developed a powerful workforce management software module integrated into its omnichannel platform. XCALLY's WFM offers a number of advanced features that enable companies to optimize staff management in customer service.

Dynamic resource planning

The XCALLY WFM analyzes historical data and real-time work volumes to automatically schedule shifts and operator skills, minimizing waiting time.

Improved customer experience

With dynamic load balancing, the module allows any customer request to be answered on the preferred channel, ensuringsmooth service and high satisfaction.

Features and benefits of XCALLY's WFM for successful customer service

  • Resource planning and allocation: allows the creation of detailed staff schedules, taking into account factors such as agents' skills, working hours and traffic forecasts. This ensures that there are always the right number of agents available to handle customer requests.
  • Performance monitoring-provides detailed analysis of agent performance, enabling identification of strengths and weaknesses and providing targeted feedback to improve overall team performance.
  • Absence and vacation management: The module allows agents' absences and vacations to be managed efficiently, avoiding overlaps and ensuring continuity of service.
  • Resource optimization: By integrating with XCALLY's omnichannel capabilities, it can automatically adjust staff scheduling based on communication channels and traffic trends. This maximizes resource efficiency and reduces waiting time for customers.

Investing in workforce management software can bring many benefits, including increased operational efficiency, reduced costs, and an overall improvement in service quality. If you want to optimize staff management in your customer care, consider implementing workforce management software such as XCALLY'sand find out how it can make a difference for your company.