Data management is a crucial aspect for any business, as accurate cataloging and retention of information is essential for smooth operations. It is important to ensure data is stored securely and backed up effectively to avoid the risk of losing valuable information. In this article, we will discuss the importance of data retention and how it can enhance effective customer care.

Data Management and Archiving

To offer effective and satisfying customer care, businesses must adopt a CRM that is designed to manage and archive every single process. Customer Relationship Management software allows for the storage and management of customer and potential lead data, helping to build relationships with potential clients from the initial contact.

Implementing a Data Retention Service

To successfully implement a data retention and database management service, a company must have qualified personnel and appropriate technologies at their disposal. XCALLY, an omnichannel software for contact centers, helps businesses enhance their customer service and improve customer experience. With the Data Retention add-on, it is possible to implement database management functionalities, making XCALLY even more effective and efficient for organizations.

Data Retention: The Database Management Service for Your Customer Care

Data Retention is a plug-in that can be installed on XCALLY, which allows for without requiring any system skills. With this new interface, it is possible to perform backups and copy data contained in XCALLY database tables, as well as various files such as voicemail, email, and voice recordings.

The management of storage space is straightforward and immediate, and issues such as space depletion, service interruptions, and the presence of old and/or redundant data can be avoided.
Data Retention allows for the planning of backup and data transfer activities, deletion of unnecessary data, and optimization ofdatabase performance, all automatically and without requiring any particular system skills. The benefits for businesses are numerous:

  • Automatic deletion, backup, or copying of data contained in XCALLY database tables.
  • Automatic deletion, backup, or copying of files present in the environment, such as voice recordings, voicemail, email, and interaction attachments.
  • Simple and immediate management of storage space.
  • Helps avoid issues such as space depletion, service interruptions, management of historical data, and presence of old or redundant data.