This situation emphasizes the need to adopt new working methods for small, medium and large enterprises.
It is not easy to predict a critical situation, this is why it is essential to have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to ensure operational continuity, without delays or malfunctions.
It is essential to be able to offer the alternative of smart working to employees too.

What is Business Continuity Plan?

The Business Continuity Plan consists of a set of security measures that a company must put in place to guarantee its operating processes, in case exceptional events capable of jeopardizing its correct performance occurs, like environmental disasters, failures, power outages or unexpected events of external origin.

Starting with a RiskAssessment, the resulting BCP allows you to ensure stability in the performance of company activities, to coordinate resources and employees, to align customers and suppliers.

How XCALLY Motion can help guarantee the continuity of contact center operations?
XCALLY Motion is the essential tool for your Business Continuity Plan for Customer Service:
administrators can manage agents, queues, IVRs, campaings, fallback routing, triggers and settings through their intuitive web interface
supervisors can monitor agents activities and call center performances through their powerful realtime panels

agents can manage customer interactions via telephone, email, sms, web chat, whatsapp and social networks through their unified web interface
These are just some of the possibilities that the XCALLY solution offers as valid tool in High Availability for BCP and smart working. With a laptop and internet connection you will get all the features you can have in the office, even at home or wherever you are.
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