We are now immersed in an ultratechnological world, where everything moves at supersonic speed. In this digital age, companies must constantly update to keep up with the times and meet the evolving needs of customers.
This is where the Artificial Intelligence., which has now become an indispensable tool for creating a high-quality customer experience.

How will customer care be redesigned with these powerful tools? What concrete benefits will companies and customers gain?

What AI tools are most commonly used in the world of customer care

What do we mean by AI tool, talking about customer service? Basically, we talk about AI-based toolsthat allow them to interact and better understand customer needs and satisfaction, and then intervene, if necessary, to improve the standard of care achieved.

Specifically, the artificial intelligence tools most widely used by contact centers to date are 3: leveraging the ASR and the TTS we can perfectly understand and produce natural language; sentiment analysis gives us a valuable psychological perspective on users and conversational AI allows us to have real interactive, almost human-like exchanges.

The use of ASR & TTS in customer care

L'Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and the Text-to-Speech (TTS) are two AI tools that enable conversion between spoken language and text. In customer care, ASR can be used to convert customer voice calls into text, enabling better understanding and analysis of content and more effectively categorizing problems. TTS, on the other hand, allows text to be converted into voice, making it possible to generate automatic, personalized voice responses for customers. These tools improve the efficiency of operations and enable quick and accurate response to customer inquiries.

The importance of sentiment analysis to improve the customer experience

Sentiment analysis is an important feature offered by AI tools. Using machine learning algorithms, customer texts, including social media posts, can be analyzed to identify emotional tone and customer satisfaction. This enables companies to detect customer problems and concerns quickly, taking prompt action to resolve them and improve the customer relationship.

The role of conversational AI in customer care

Conversational AI, or conversational artificial intelligence, is another powerful tool in the world of customer care. This technology enables companies to create chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants that can answer customer questions, provide assistance and collect useful information to improve service. Conversational AI creates a more natural and intuitive interaction with customers, providing a personalized and satisfying experience.



How XCALLY uses AI tool in customer care

XCALLY, an omnichannel platform dedicated to contact center management, takes full advantage of AI Tools to improve the customer experience.

Through the integration of ASR & TTS, Sentiment Analysis and Conversational AI, XCALLY offers state-of-the-art solutions for managing customer interactions. Benefits include faster and more accurate responses, personalization of interactions, in-depth analysis of conversations, and increased customer satisfaction.

With XCALLY, companies can achieve superior customer care, improving customer loyalty and brand reputation.

Use cases of AI tool in practice

  • XCALLY, through the integration of Amazon Transcribe, allows its partners to handle real-time requests in any language, leveraging ASR&TTS and enabling operational agents to interact with customers seamlessly.
  • Also the use of Open AI Whisper, integrated into the omnichannel suite, enables real-time transcription of conversations in even less usual languages (Filipino, Thai...), simplifying agents' work and making the customer experience much more seamless and fluid.
  • In addition to live customer management, XCALLY partners leverage the integration of AI tools such as Sestekalso for business analysis, setting up bulk transcripts of a large number of records. This then makes it possible to analyze and process the data, check call trends, and personalize customer care strategies.
  • XCALLY and Ispeech form a winning duo for advanced real-time conversational analysis. Ispeech's powerful artificial intelligence makes it possible to transcribe and study every single telephone interaction between customers and operators. In a matter of seconds, the technology can isolate the most recurring keywords, decipher feelings and emotions, and pinpoint precisely the issues addressed during the call.
    Another fundamental advantage is the ability to objectively and immediately estimate the degree of satisfaction expressed by the customer, nipping in the bud any signs of disappointment.


Thanks to solutions such as XCALLY, which integrates all these AI tools into the software, it becomes easier to take full advantage of the potential of new technologies based on artificial intelligence. Choose to become an XCALLY partner therefore means being able to offer a more efficient, personalized and satisfying customer experience to its customers.