Why is this partnership great news for the customer Experience?

On the one hand, there is XCALLY an innovative Customer Care Automation and Omnichannel solution, awarded as one of the best Call Center, Auto Dialer and Telephony solutions. A platform that allows customers to interact via inbound / outbound voice, chat, email, SMS, MMS, video, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Open API Channels, all managed seamlessly from a unified single interface. 

On the other hand, there is Telnyx a new generation communication telco platform, which is laying the foundations for an innovative future characterized by interconnected technology, in which communication flows without interruptions between people, devices and applications all over the world. 

Why this partnership offers strong benefits?

Together, XCALLY and Telnyx represent a powerful communication platform that enables companies to provide next-generation interactive customer service and telemarketing activities through various touchpoints, with high-level voice and SMS performance from all over the world. 

What does this integration consist of?

  • The SMS Channel allows you to receive / send SMS from Telenyx 
  • MMS with images are previewed from the agent panel without having to download them 
  • Agents - belonging to the SMS queue with the proper skills - can easily manage SMS interactions and any other requests (mail, chat and so on) from a centralised interface, in this way they have a 360-degree picture of the entire communication traffic load 
  • In the meantime, from the dashboards, the administrator can monitor in real-time all the activities that take place in the SMS queues and eventually modify their configuration and workflow if needed. At the same time, he can also check the status of all available Agents on other active channels and re-balance the communication flow. 

The Client and the Agent can exchange SMS messages, obtaining the following advantages:

  • Customers can use local SMS numbers to contact the customer service team when they need support 
  • The interaction with the Customer Service takes place within the XCALLY platform 
  • Agents can manage different types of interactions (SMS, Chat, Email, Voice, social media etc.) at the same time from the same interface 
  • The content of the interaction can be shared and managed by the group of agents 
  • Customer information is stored in the Contact Manager and all interactions are visible within the Customer Journey 



Who is XCALLY?

XCALLY is an omnichannel platform belonging to the Ingo Group. Ingo is an Italian company that offers digital consultancy, services and technologies dedicated to innovative customer operations.  

XCALLY is distributed all over the world through a network of 100+ of certified system integrator partners.

XCALLY has recently been rated as the best contact center solution, awarded as the best Dialer in terms of usability and customer satisfaction, in Front Runner, ranked first in the GetAPP category in terms of functionality and value for money and included in Capterra as Emerging Preferred Autodial Product. 


Who is Telnyx?

Telnyx was founded in 2009 and operates in more than thirty countries, spread over all continents. It has created a new generation communication platform, which provides services on a private IP network. Harnessing the power of intelligent connectivity, the company is laying the foundation for an innovative future characterized by interconnected technology, where communication flows seamlessly between people, devices and applications around the world. 

Customers are offered the ability to build next-generation interactions by incorporating voice, text and video. Elastic SIP Trunking, Programmatic SMC, Programmatic Voice are the reference products of Telnyx, which allow you to organize useful applications for businesses and consumers: call tracking, contact center and customer care management, dispatch notifications, automatic surveys, mobile marketing, double authentication, anonymous communications. 

We are very excited to announce this partnership between the two solutions, which offers many benefits to all companies that need to provide a robust and flexible telecommunications service along with innovative omnichannel capabilities to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Together they represent a very, very powerful solution.

Mercedes Barbuti, Head of North America and UK Sales