XCALLY migrates from V2 to V3. A new future-ready version of the omnichannel software, which improves from a technical standpoint while keeping its graphical interface unchanged and ensuring the same usability for operators who employ it in customer care services.

What is XCALLY and how does it work?

XCALLY is the omnichannel software that enables companies to relate with customers and consumers, in a simple way and through digital and telephone channels. It is a contact center platform that contributes to improve the customer experience, managing individual interactions, tracking and sharing individual consumer information, monitoring performance so as to ensure personalized service.

Let's try to get to know it better. A customer visits an e-commerce site purchasing a product. Once shipped, the buyer inquires with customer service, asking for confirmation of the order and delivery date by contacting them by phone. XCALLY will track the conversation. Upon the arrival of the product, the customer realizes that he/she has made a wrong purchase, writes a reporting email asking about the return method, XCALLY will record the email and link it to the customer record.

Customer Service will respond by email sending the return procedure which will end with a WhatAapp sending of the return shipping receipt from the customer. XCALLY will record the conversation via email, receipt of the image via WhatAapp confirming the success of the transaction to the customer with an automated message. In addition to management, XCALLY will record all management steps, beyond the communication channel, in the customer's file on the company CRM for future reference.

In addition to managing inbound customer services, XCALLY also allows you to create the campaigns outbound, voice bots, call backs, surveys via WhatsApp and implementations of predefined or predictive logic through the integration of artificial intelligence algorithms. Everything is governed through a single intuitive user interface. It also possesses a monitoring real time of interactions that can support and improve planning of activities and principals.


Where has V3 been worked on and what has changed?

XCALLY Motion V3 integrates Asterisk 18.x with Motion technologies, developed in the Xenialab research center. This solution is based on a scalable multi-process asynchronous architecture designed to provide the best user experience for the operator del customer service and to the supervisor. It can be easily installed on a cloud or on-premise instance, ensuring the highest level of flexibility. Speed has been increased and technical libraries have been updated to provide better speed of execution. Integrations with major CRM platforms such as Salesforce and Hubspot are possible.

There are no substantial differences visual compared to V2, the goal was to update dependencies while keeping functionality aligned. By updating dependencies, it will be easier to develop the new features. There has thus been an important technological transition, the libraries were upgraded to the new version and the product was prepared the product for future developments. Now all technologies will start directly on V3. The advantages are mainly technical and in terms of scalability, while the structure has remained very similar visually, and the intuitive user experience has not changed.

XCALLY has been improved, maintaining however then a familiar and easily usable environment for agents/operators and supervisors, without having to disrupt the way it is used. We worked on the more technical part, to ensure more speed and stability, with an eye toward the future. Often technology is not only perceived visual appearance, the goal was to refine the engine under the hood while maintaining the excellent usability of the system.


The key benefits and strengths of XCALLY's V3

  • Faster and more effective support by managing multiple channels through a single, unified and integrated environment.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty through knowledge of the customer journey and a personalized approach to the user.
  • Fusion of self-service and live-agent interactions.
  • Optimized human resource management, thanks to the real-time omnichannel monitoring environment.
  • Proactive service.


Some technical specifications

  • Default OS: Debian 11 [da Debian 10/centOS 7]
  • DBMS: MySQL 8.0 with partitions [da MySQL 5.7 talvolta senza partizioni]
  • Asterisk: v18 (without iftime module) [da v13 con modulo iftime custom]
  • Node.js: v16.13.1 [da v6.17.1]
  • NginX v1.18 [da v1.14]
  • Pm2 v5.1.2 [da v2.10.4]
  • Frontend: AngularJS 1.8.2 [da 1.5.10]


XCALLY's integrations

V3 has allowed us to further expand our integrations, making them even simpler and more flexible. Some of the most important players are: Amazon, Asterisk, Facebook, Hubspot, Dynamics 365, Desk.com, Google, Grafana, ISpeech, Instagram, Salesforce, Teams, TVox, Twilio, Twitter, Unix, Viber, Zendesk.