Sunday, December 18, at 9 PM, the charity concert Maltesers’ Soup 2022 - organized by Maltesers - was broadcasted on LRT (Lithuanian public television channel).  During the concert some of the most famous artists in the country made live performances.  

The event has been an evening of great music in a typically Christmas joyful atmosphere, to collect donations to support the elderly persons in different locations in Lithuania. 

The audience had the possibility to call the "line of the stars” to have a chat with five VIPs (Inga Valinskienė, Liudas Mikalauskas, Beata Nicholson, Vytautas Lukočius, e Asta Pilypaitė), who provided all the information on how to become supporters of the activities of the Maltesers. The fundraising was monitored by the audit firm "Grant Thornton Baltic". 

The "star line" was managed  via XCALLY Motion, the omnichannel contact center software. XCALLY has offered its free support for this charity event, in collaboration with CSC Telecom and their partner in Lithuania TCG Telecom UABM.  CSC Telecom is XCALLY’s partner in the Baltic regions. 


About XCALLY: omnichannel software  

XCALLY is the omnichannel software that redesigns the customer experience. The software - distributed worldwide - improves customer service activities, delivers personalized experiences and optimizes contact center management on all channels. 

The system ensure flexibility, speed and efficiency to various processes thanks to artificial intelligence. XCALLY, used by over 30,000 users in more than 60 countries, has been named "Front Runner for Contact Center 2022". 


About TCG Telecom 

TCG Telecom is CSC TELECOM partner in Lithuania. It provides high-level telecommunications services, offering solutions that allow companies to improve communication with their customers and simplify the daily operations of business realities.


About Maltesers 

The Maltesers are the oldest charity in the world, founded more than 900 years ago under the Latin motto "Tuitio Fidei et Obsequium Pauperum", or "To defend the faith and serve the poor". The Sovereign Order of Malta helps poor people in 120 countries and has been operating in Lithuania since 10 October 1991. 

The founders Juozas Tunaitis, Jonas Boruta, Vaclovas Aliulis and other benefactors shared the idea of creating a Catholic charity in Lithuania - under the motto of the Main Order - with the aim of aiding people of all ethnicities, Nations and religions. 

The Order of Malta’s Relief Organization in Lithuania can rely on 2000 volunteers in 42 cities. The Maltesers provide care for the alone elderly persons, disabled, refugees, children from socially vulnerable families and those most in need. The concert on 18 December is organized to raise funds for the elderly persons.