In recent years, WhatsApp has established itself as one of the leading instant communication channels, with billions of active users worldwide. This popularity has led many companies to leverage WhatsApp as a customer care tool to offer immediate support to their customers.
XCALLY Instant is an innovative solution that uses the social channel to communicate with customers, enabling companies to offer efficient and personalized service. In this article, we will explore the use of WhatsApp for customer care, delving into theimplementation of XCALLY Instant and its benefits.

WhatsApp as a Customer Care Channel

WhatsApp has revolutionized instant communication, enabling people to exchange messages, photos, videos and more. This has opened up new opportunities for companies seeking to improve the customer experience for their users. Here are some of the features that make WhatsApp an effective customer care channel:

Immediacy and Accessibility

  • With WhatsApp, companies can provide immediate support to customers, answering their questions and solving problems in real time.
  • As a mobile application, WhatsApp is easily accessible for customers, enabling them to communicate with businesses anytime, anywhere.

Personalized Interactions and Convenience

  • WhatsApp allows companies to establish direct and personalized contact with customers, creating amore intimate customer care experience.
  • Customers can communicate with businesses via WhatsApp easily and conveniently, without having to make phone calls or send emails.



XCALLY Instant: WhatsApp in the Omnichannel Scope

XCALLY Instant is an integrated solution that leverages WhatsApp as a communication channel for customer care. Through its use in the omnichannel suite, XCALLY Instant offers numerous benefits to companies wishing to improve customer care service.

Unified Multichannel Integration

  • XCALLY Instant enables companies to manage customer interactions on WhatsApp along with other communication channels, such as phone, e-mail, chat, and social media, in a single platform.
  • This unified multichannel integration allows companies to have a complete view of customer interactions, ensuring efficient and consistent management.

Customer Care Process Automation

  • XCALLY Instant offers advanced automation features that enable companies to handle customer requests quickly and efficiently.
  • Thanks to the use of chatbots and predefined responses., XCALLY Instant automates responses to customers, reducing wait times and optimizing customer care team resources.

Immediate Inbound and Outbound Campaigns

Leveraging the immediacy of instant messaging, with XCALLY Instant, agents can also proactively manage inbound and outbound communication campaigns, creating an immediate and personalized interaction flow. consistent communication.

Meta Templates

With standard templates approved directly by Meta, it is possible to create automated outbound campaigns at specific points in the customer journey, and thus optimize customer care processes.

Why Choose XCALLY Instant

Bottom line. XCALLY Instant represents an innovative solution that leverages WhatsApp as a customer care channel to enhance the customer experience. By leveraging the immediate and personalized features of WhatsApp, along with the integration into the omnichannel framework offered by XCALLY, companies can deliver an effective and optimized customer experience. Choosing XCALLY Instant means improving customer satisfaction and gaining a competitive edge in the increasingly demanding market.