The disposition – a label that describes the outcome of a call or, in general, of an interaction – is a simple but powerful tool, both for Supervisors and Agents.

Through a quick view of dispositions, Supervisors can monitor the process and understand if it is reaching the intended target or if some actions are necessary to improve it. Dispositions can also be used for reporting purposes, for example to get the conversion rate for each agent in case of outbound sales campaign.

The use of dispositions reduces the time spent by the Agents in describing the result of the call. Furthermore, all the team is aligned in real time about the status of all the shared interactions.


Here some example of dispositions:

  • Callback
  • Not interested
  • Scheduled demo
  • Appointment set
  • Sales Closed
  • Complaint
  • Refund

By using XCALLY Motion, agents can instantly classify each interaction by setting the disposition, write any optional notes and information in case they need to provide more details.



Supervisors can create custom dispositions and set them either optional or mandatory for agents according to the business logic needs.

From XCALLY Motion version 2.5.5 we introduced the possibility to use multi-level dispositions for Omni channel interactions!
Supervisors can add, for each disposition, up to 2 sub-levels, that the agent will find after selecting the "main" disposition.



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