How the concept of omnichannel healthcare is transforming patient care
November 21
Healthcare is undergoing a radical transformation through the adoption of the concept of omnichannel healthcare. This new philosophy is based on the integration of different communication channels, such as telemedicine, mobile apps, chatbots and digital platforms, […]
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What is conversational marketing and how it can improve customer dialogue
November 13
Conversational marketing is becoming an increasingly important component of modern marketing strategies. Based on dialogue rather than simple communication, it helps companies approach customers in a more natural and engaging way, listening to their needs and […]
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Omnichannel: the impact of AI and the role of XCALLY in contact centers, an insight
October 31
In recent years, the evolution of omnichannel solutions for contact centers has revolutionized customer interaction and opened up new opportunities to improve the operational efficiency of companies. Learn more about his vision for the XCALLY omnichannel […]
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How a predictive dialer can optimize the efficiency of a contact center
October 10
A contact center is a dynamic environment in which effective call handling is critical to ensuring a high-level customer experience. In this context, the use of a predictive dialer proves to be a powerful solution for […]
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Amazon Polly and next-generation speech synthesis
October 6
Text-to-speech, is a technology that enables the conversion of text to audio, offering new possibilities for interaction and accessibility. Thanks to recent developments in next-generation speech synthesis, artificial voices have become increasingly realistic and natural. In […]
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Omnichannel contact center solutions: maximize the efficiency of your business with XCALLY
October 3
Successful businesses depend on effective communication and impeccable customer service. With the advent of new technologies and the evolution of communication channels, contact centers have had to adapt to meet the ever-increasing needs of modern customers. […]
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