How XCALLY was born

XCALLY was born from the passion of a group of contact center professionals and their vision of what customer care should be.

Since 1996, experimenting with Voice over IP solutions and using Asterisk™ from its inception, allowed the team to analyze and understand the dynamics of call centers, continuously evolving towards the development of more advanced solutions.

Around 2010, thanks to these varied experiences and driven by increasing demand from Italian companies to develop a product verticalization in the customer care world, XCALLY was born. A product designed for PBXs and telephony.

In 2012, an international expansion project was launched through a 6-month collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and the University of Turin, which also involved UCLA. This program allowed interested companies to work with senior students from California to understand how to internationalize their target markets.

The international evolution of the product

Through market analysis conducted by UCLA students who were already in the workforce, the objective of transferring the XCALLY product to the US market was achieved. This experience prompted XCALLY to explore the challenging US market, which was dominated by established and well-known brands.

Along with this decision to present the product worldwide, the first successes came from the Southeast Asian, African, and European markets, initially through individual clients and then by creating a network of partners, thanks to references obtained abroad with the UCLA project.

From voice to Artificial Intelligence

XCALLY then positioned itself in international markets under its own brand and logo. The logo initially reflected the world it was designed for, a world of headsets, operators, and handsets, representing the reality from which it took shape and to which it was directed, the pictogram of a PBX headset. But the world evolves, transforms, and changes, not only technologically but also in the way we think about relationships. Social media, apps, smartphones, and the concept of "always connected" have transformed users from mere spectators into active subjects with tastes, preferences, and needs that must be satisfied more quickly and better.

XCALLY was at the forefront of this technological revolution, choosing to focus on a still-developing technological market, that of Omnichannel and Artificial Intelligence.

In 2015, with the help of a new South African partner who believed in the XCALLY solution and shared the group's vision of shifting the focus to omnichannel, XCALLY Motion was developed, a new-generation omnichannel platform.

The arrival of the new logo

In 2022, the XCALLY team decided to "change its skin". The website was redesigned to meet new market demands and products, and a new logo and slogan were created to concretely summarize how the XCALLY Motion suite opens up to current and future technologies.

The PBX headset no longer corresponded to the actual use of the software's functions, now omnichannel and oriented towards the use of AI as a fundamental tool for user interaction (currently only 20% of interactions are via phone).

Human Singularity AI

Although the old logo emphasized the central role of human vocal interaction, it was clear from the beginning that the new AI evolution of the product should not in any way detract from the importance of the human contribution to the XCALLY user approach.

The slogan, as well as the new pictogram, combine the concept of the most advanced technological innovation with the human aspect of management and use of tools.

Human Singularity AI perfectly represents this paradigm: technology and a look towards a future in which artificial intelligence is a consolidated reality, always thought and analyzed by humans.