Whatsapp has become one of the most widely used means of communication in the world, with more than 2 billion monthly active users. This instant messaging platform was initially created for communicating between friends and family, but in recent years it is also being used in the corporate environment, particularly for customer service.

Advantages of using Whatsapp for customer service

Customer care is a key aspect of the customer experience: users today want to interact with companies quickly and securely, and Whatsapp offers a simple and effective way for companies to provide assistance to their customers, allowing them to interact with the company through a platform that feels familiar and intuitive.

This is why leveraging Whatsapp to its fullest for the customer experience has undeniable benefits.

Quick and convenient

Whatsapp is extremely fast and convenient. Users can send messages directly from their smartphones, without having to open a separate application or navigate through a website. In addition, messages on Whatsapp are delivered immediately, reducing the waiting time for customers.


Whatsapp allows companies to personalize their customer care experience. Companies can create preset messages, automatic responses, and welcome messages to ensure that customers receive unique, high-quality service.


Whatsapp is accessible everywhere. Users can access the platform from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night. This means that companies can provide assistance to their customers at any time, regardless of time zone or geographical location.


Whatsapp Business is extremely flexible. Companies can use the platform to answer customer questions, provide technical support, manage orders, and more. In addition, customers can use Whatsapp to send questions, support requests or feedback.

Cost reduction

Using Whatsapp for customer service can reduce business costs. The platform is free, which means that companies do not have to worry about additional costs such as those associated with phone calls or text messages. In addition, Whatsapp allows companies to use fewer staff to handle customer care because messages can be handled more efficiently than other forms of communication.

Increased customer involvement

Whatsapp enables companies to engage their customers in a more direct and immediate way. Customers can send messages directly to the company and receive immediate responses. This means that customers will feel more engaged and satisfied with the service provided by the company.

How to use Whatsapp Business and improve the customer journey

To use Whatsapp for customer service, companies must create a Whatsapp Business account. This type of account allows companies to customize their profile, create preset messages and automated responses, and access metrics to monitor the effectiveness of their customer service.

Creation of preset messages

Companies can create preset messages to answer customer questions quickly and helpfully. For example, you can create a preset message that answers frequently asked questions from customers, such as "What payment methods are accepted?" or "What is the company's return policy?"

Automatic responses

Companies can create automated responses to answer messages that come in out of business hours or when the customer service team is unavailable. This guarantees customers an immediate response and makes them feel taken care of by the company.

Direct communication with customers

Whatsapp allows companies to communicate directly with their customers, providing personalized assistance and answering their questions in real time. This creates a sense of connection and trust between the company and the customer.

Using push notifications

Push notifications are a great way to inform customers of new products or services, special offers and promotions. Companies can use push notifications to keep their customers informed instantly.

XCALLY and WhatsApp Connector Channel

XCALLY's omnichannel suite includes WhatsApp Connector Channel, and the related section shows all agent-managed interactions from users of the messaging app.

Based on provider solutions (such as Twilio), WhatsApp Connector Channel offers a WhatsApp Business interface for business activities and allows the definition of WhatsApp Connector Accounts through which agents can send and receive messages from WhatsApp Connector using the standard XCALLY Motion interface.

Advantages of Whatsapp Connector

By taking advantage of a platform known and used by most users, it will then be possible for the Agent and Client to exchange messages, with obvious benefits on both sides:

  • The Client may use any of the popular messaging systems
  • Agent interaction takes place within the common XCALLY Motion environment.
  • The agent can handle several types of interactions simultaneously
  • The content of the interaction is shared, easily retrievable and managed
  • All Customer information is stored in the Contacts Manager


In summary, using Whatsapp for customer service can provide companies with a fast, cost-effective and personalized way to interact with their customers. This can improve the customer experience and increase customer loyalty. In addition, Whatsapp can reduce business costs and improve the efficiency of a contact center. Using Whatsapp is an opportunity for companies to provide high-quality, personalized assistance to their customers. Because of its flexibility and accessibility, Whatsapp can become a valuable tool.