In an increasingly digitized world, companies must adapt to respond effectively to customer needs. Web chat has proven to be an essential tool in this context, offering a fast and efficient method of communication that can be integrated into an omnichannel customer service to provide a consistent and seamless experience. But how does a web chat work within an omnichannel contact center? Let's find out together.

What is a web chat?

A web chat is an online communication channel that allows customers to communicate with a company through a chat window on the website or mobile app. This way of interaction has become increasingly popular in recent years because it offers an immediate and convenient way to answer users' questions. In addition, web chat enables companies to handle multiple conversations simultaneously, reducing customer wait time.

The role of web chat in omnichannel customer service

In an omnichannel customer servicesystem, the goal is to provide a consistent and seamless customer experience across all communication channels. Web chat is a key element in this strategy; in fact, one of the main strengths of web chat is its ability to provide real-time assistance. Users can initiate a conversation with a customer service representative or a chatbot automated, receiving immediate answers to their questions or problems and reducing the workload of customer care specialists. This reduces waiting time and increases customer satisfaction.



Integration of a web chat with other channels

An effective omnichannel strategy requires the integration of a web chat with other communication channels, such as email, telephone, social media and apps. This allows customers to switch from one channel to another without interruption, maintaining the consistency of the conversation.

In an omnichannel system, all customer interactions are synchronized in a single system, so that contact center operators can access all the information they need to respond to the inquiries they receive without difficulty.

How to integrate a web chat

A web chat can be integrated into an omnichannel system in several ways.

  • For example, companies can use a customer care software that allows customer service representatives to manage customer conversations from different channels, including precisely web chat.
  • Using a live chat provider such as Intercom, Drift, or Zendesk that offers integrations with other channels such as email, phone, social media, etc.
  • By integrating web chat directly into your own website using plugins or embedded code, ensuring that it is then synchronized with the proprietary CRM to create a unified view of the interactions made by the customer.
  • Structuring live chat APIs that allow integration with other systems. For example, the Zendesk Chat API allows chat to be embedded in other apps and to receive and send data from chat to other systems via webhook.
  • By creating middleware that interfaces with the live chat system on the one hand and with other communication channels such as email, social, and telephone on the other. This middleware will take care of sorting and synchronizing the conversations on the different channels.
  • Through a Business Process Management (BPM) tool to orchestrate the omnichannel process, receiving input from different channels, routing conversations to different channels appropriately.

Traceability of conversations

Through integration, customer conversations can be tracked across channels. This allows customer service representatives to have a complete view of the customer journey that includes the history of conversations across all contact channels to provide more personalized and consistent service.



Using web chat for improving customer experience

Web chat not only allows customers' problems to be resolved quickly, but also obviously provides an opportunity to improve the overall customer experience.

Service customization

With the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence, a web chat can provide personalized service based on customer behavior and preferences, offering 24/7 support. This leads to more efficient service and greater customer satisfaction.

Collection of feedback

Web chat can be used to collect feedback from customers, providing valuable information to improve products and services. Customers can express their opinions easily and directly, indirectly contributing to the growth of the company.

XCALLY Motion Chat

In conclusion, web chat plays a key role within an omnichannel customer service, improving customer service efficiency and user experience. With a well-planned strategy and the use of modern technology, web chat can become a powerful tool for companies that wish to stand out in the digital landscape.

XCALLY, omnichannel software for contact centers, uses, among other options, a web chat system in which a company's customers can interact directly with operators using a live message chat.