Discover why you should add the XCALLY Web Chat to your Website


Provide immediate help

Customers would love to have an immediate contact when they need help or when they have some doubts, from first interactions to post-sale requests.

Thanks to Web Chat, customers can easily get answers and support while browsing in your website.

Agents can benefit of Canned Answers, in order to speed the answer time, and get the Contact details (like name, e-mail address and the web page from which he/she started to chat) on their XCALLY Omnichannel web GUI.

Furthermore, if the contact already had previous interactions with your Customer Service, Agents can also take a look at the Customer Journey and read past conversations.

Increase efficiency

Web chat interactions are usually quicker than phone calls or email messages: short sentences focused to get to the point, improving customer engagement.

Smart tools like Canned Answers - ready to use sentences really useful for Frequently Asked questions or to provide company contact details, in case it’s necessary to switch to email or phone to manage a complex issue - help Agents to reduce the answer time.

Moreover, Agents can handle multiple chat simultaneously! That improves their productivity, compared to operators managing Queue Calls.

In case your Agents are not available 24/7, or they are all busy, the web chat snippet can become a customizable contact form to collect messages. You can also configure a chatbot service to provide basic information and then route the chat to an operator when the conversation is too complex

Get the Customer Feedback

At the end of the interaction, the customer is encouraged to rate the Web chat. He/She can also add a textual comment. Supervisors can analyze the feedback, together with chat transcript, in order to improve agents interactions through this powerful channel.

The Web chat Channel is available in the Omni-Gold plan.
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