The availability of a 24/7 phone service has become a necessity for many companies that aim to provide high-quality customer service, especially for customer service-related services.

What is 24/7 availability and why is it important for companies?

Availability refers to a company's ability to answer customer calls at any time of day or night, including outside working hours and on holidays.

There are several reasons why this type of service is important for businesses:

Improves customer satisfaction

Being able to answer customer calls at any time of day or night helps customers feeling more supported and connected to the company, leading to increased loyalty and positive feedback.

Increases business opportunities

Having a 24/7 customer service allows companies to reach different types of customers and gives them an advantage over businesses that do not provide this type of support.

Makes the company more competitive

By providing 24/7 customer service, companies can have a more functional profile compared to their competitors, which can increase their competitiveness in the market.

But how can an availability 24/7 service be successfully implemented?

To successfully implement a 24/7 phone availability service, a company must have qualified personnel and appropriate technologies available.

XCALLY, an omnichannel software for contact centers, allows companies to redesign the customer experience and helps them enhance their customer service by offering their customers seamless experiences across all channels. Thanks to the Availability App add-on, it is possible to implement the 24/7 availability functionalities that further improve the system, making XCALLY even more effective and efficient for organizations.

Availability App: the availability service for customer care

Availability App is a customized product for companies that want to offer their customers a 24/7 availability service. This feature allows companies to manage and recognize customers enrolled in the service, redirecting the call to the operator who will manage the request.

The automatic availability service is ideal for businesses that operate in the facility and property sector, relying on a network of technicians spread across the territory. Availability App allows companies to better manage customer intervention requests. In this way, companies can manage customer intervention requests internally and in a centralized manner.

The automatic availability system, based on initial configuration, connects the calling customer to the operator available at that moment (rotation is defined by the company).

The benefits for companies are manifold:

  • Management of customers according to service access rules
  • Management of the calendar and availability of those available
  • Welcome and waiting message at the time of contact
  • Automatic identification of the caller.