Offer Customer Service via SMS using XCALLY and ClickSend!

The XCALLY Motion SMS Channel allows to receive/send SMS from/to ClickSend provider!

Agents - belonging to SMS Queues - can easily manage SMS interactions as well as any other request (mail, chat, and so on).


The Admin can monitor in Realtime all the activities taking place in the SMS Channel queues and eventually change its configuration and workflow in realtime.

He can check also the Agents status on all the available channels and eventually modify it.

The Customer and the Agent can exchange SMS messages, reaping the following benefits:

- the Customer can use market standard SMS systems

- the Agent interaction happens inside the XCALLY Motion environment

- the Agent can manage several types of interactions at the same time

- the interaction content is shared, easily retrieved and managed

- all the Customers information is stored in the Contacts Manager and Customer Journey

Below you can find a SMS interaction with a customer:


The SMS Channel is available in the XCALLY MOTION Omni-Gold plan.

Xenialab provides XCALLY, a complete Omni Channel software solution for call centers used in more than 50 countries.
XCALLY offers all the tools to communicate through different channels (Voice Inbound/Outbound/Blended, Fax, SMS, Email, Chat, Social ...), together with real time dashboards, reports and flexible API.

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ClickSend is cloud-based business communication software that anyone at any level can use to create unique campaigns using a constantly evolving suite of products - SMS, Email, Direct Mail, Fax, Letters and more. All products, including Direct Mail, can be scheduled and automated so an email campaign can be followed by an SMS then followed by a promotional flyer. This can all be achieved via a super simple dashboard or integration via API or SDK. ClickSend has built upon its SMS marketing core to become a true all-in-one multi-channel communications tool. ClickSend is business communication, solved. More information on